Using a bag and then returning it?

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Do you think it is acceptable to buy a bag, use it and then return it?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    Apologies if this has been covered before, but during my time on tPF I've several times come across threads where people mention using a bag, not loving it and then returning it, and I'm just wondering how many people think this is acceptable. I really don't think it is - I have no problem with people returning an unused bag they changed their mind about, but once you've used it I think returning it is dishonest, not to mention disrespectful to other bag buyers.

    ETA: from lovingmybags' reply I realise I should have been clearer: I am talking about bags someone has simply changed their mind about, not ones with defects - if something is faulty people are totally within their rights to return it.
  2. Personally, I can only see it as okay, if one's only tried it on in front of the mirror in the house, with his/her stuff in the bag. Or else, he/she has used the bag for a very short term, and it developed defects (screws popping lose, massive color bleeding or fraying, etc.) that it shouldn't have with normal usage.
  3. If you have taken it outside I don't think it's fair to return it unless it has defects.
    I found one on the shelf at Macy's that not only had pen marks but someone's open lipstick stuck in the lining. Eeeweew!
  4. I think that once you put your stuff in a bag and go out with it (shopping, work, restaurant etc.) the bag has been "used". I think that once a bag is "used" returning it to a store where it will be placed back on the shelf for someone else to buy as "new" is deceptive to both the store and any potential buyers.
    If there is nothing wrong with the bag that is.
    I found a used tissue in a pocket of a "new" bag on a shelf in HBC once.
  5. Not okay.
  6. Unless there is something wrong with the bag, I don't think that you should return it after being used.
  7. Someone in a different thread (forget which one, i read so many!) joked about returning a bag after a year (tags still on). For some reason that really bugged me, I have to start wondering how much of that goes on and how much it affects the prices on some of the brands we love?
  8. I did it the other day!👀
  9. cheeeeeeeeeezy
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    Oh I have seen threads on the various subforums where there was downright gloating at making such returns. While some brands/stores do have liberal return policies IMO if one is going to avail oneself after more than a year (tags on or not) it is best done quietly and infrequently. I think it is the bragging about it and encouraging others to 'go for it' that really bothers me. Safe to say I think we have all got (or had at one time or another) at least one bag in our closet that has been sitting around for at least a year with the tags on it. I know I do. I had every opportunity to try it on in the store with my things inside it before I purchased it and ample time after I got it home to decide whether or not it 'worked' for me. I only have myself to blame for not returning it promptly.
  11. Unless there is something wrong with bag, I don't think its ok.
  12. No - definitely not OK.
  13. Interesting that although a couple of people have voted it ok and someone has commented that they do it, nobody has justified doing so. So I guess they don't think it's acceptable either, they just don't care whether their actions affect anyone else...
  14. If the bag has left your closet and used for even
    3 seconds then it's considered used.