uses of the spy

  1. Out of curiousity,
    would you ladies carry your spys to like "black dress" events
    or is the spy usually just a day to day bag?
  2. I don't think I would carry it to a fancy dress event... the spy seems (generally) too big and too casual to go with a cockail dress or formal gown. I prefer to carry clutches to fancy dress events.
  3. I ditto Liti. The size alone makes the spy unfit for evening events, and I can't envision it going with any evening attire.
  4. yes, me too. I adore carrying it during the day, and it would totally work for after work drinks, dinner etc, but I personally would never choose it for an evening bag.

    I did see a gorgeous evening spy purse recently, it was so super cute, will try and find the piccies :biggrin:
  5. No I would not use it for a big up-scale event, would not go with an evening dress.
  6. I'm with them. Not for black dress/black tie. That calls for a smaller purse.

    Lunch, Dinner, Shopping - Spy goes everywhere!
  7. Would never use it as evening bag.
  8. It's a day bag, IMO
  9. day bag:yes:
  10. I agree with all the other girls. The Spy is definately a day bag :yes:

    In fact, I will using mine today for clothes shopping and a meal out - perfect :love:
  11. I would use mine for an evening out, but just not for a Black tie event. It is to big for full evening dress but fine for a casual evening out.
  12. I'd say it's a day bag ;)
  13. It's a nice bag but the size is a bit big.
  14. i so agree with Noe and Saich! i love the way you girls think! if Cameron Diaz can wear tennies to one of the, i think it was, awards shows (Oscars?) then we can carry a Spy to a dressy event....i wouldnt take it to black tie, but any other evening event, sure!