Uses for a swingpack?

  1. So I've just found out that i get a $125 gift certificate from promotion at work towards a mall that has a Coach store in it. And I thought I would treat myself to something like a swingpack, but there are some people who say I'll never use it. but poo to them, you guys probably have a better idea of whether it is useful or not
    How much can you fit into it? (I'm assuming seeing it in the store is different then actually owning it and trying to stuff it)
    By the way I just recently bought the large Carly, so would it be worth it to get a swingpack?
  2. I use mine quite a bit. It holds my cell phone, small wallet, keys, lip gloss, etc... I even got a small camera in addition to the other things but it was tight. It looks really cute around the waist (shorten the strap). One of the SA's in the NYC store was wearing it like that. I have a pretty small frame so even at the smallest adjustment it kind of hung a bit to the side (but looks cool like that). It's great that way for vacations.

    I have three of them and my most recent is the Legacy in Whiskey. LOVE that one the most, it seems to hold more with that front pocket.

    BTW, I have the medium Carly but there are many times I need a small bag and the swingpack is perfect for me. Actually, I prefer smaller bags and to me the Carly (got it for Christmas) seems huge. LOL!

    If you don't think you'd use it, put the gift certificate towards something else tho.
  3. well, i had ot box up all my bags for the move but kept only the carly and swingpack accessible. i love both! the swingpack is great for running errands on the wkend and going places like a restaurant where a bigger bag could get smelly/damaged. i love it at the grocery store!
  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOO true!!! I'm a germ freak and hate to even think about putting my purse in the shopping cart. Swingpacks are the best for shopping.
  5. I use my Swingpack when I need to be handsfree and don't need to carry alot of stuff. Like amusement parks, shows, traveling etc. I use a mini-skinny as my wallet, and carry a phone, lipgloss, eye drops, and possibly a camera. I don't put alot of stuff into it, because I don't like the way they look when they are overstuffed.
  6. I have a mini sig swingpack, and I bought it primarily because it was really cute. But honestly, I don't use it that often. I like bigger bags as I tend to carry a lot of things and do not like holding onto items (i.e. bottles of water etc...). So it's not a day to day bag for me.

    But I still bought the swingpack because I had decided I had enough large bags already AND on those odd times when I do need a smaller bag and need to be hands free (skating, walks, hikes etc...) I find it is PERFECT for carrying the essentials - eye drops, lip gloss, keys, small wallet, compact, kleenex etc...)

    I also do not overstuff, don't like the look of the bag when it is too full. And I also prefer the feel of the thinner and lighter bag when I do carry it.
  7. I don't use a swingpack that often, but I love to go to concerts and it's great for that!! :smile:

  9. never tried that!
  10. I purchased two this weekend at the outlets....I think you can find use for it when you need to go somewhere where you need only a few essentials and need to be hands free.....
  11. I love swingpacks and crossbody purses. I use them whenever I am going somewhere that I want both hands free. Like the Fair, Museums, shopping, etc. I do love my Carly, and I use her a lot, but never where she might get dirty. Lately I have been using my new Bleeker Flap in Rose - see my avatar for a pic of both my Carly and my Bleeker Flap. The Bleeker Flap is the one that has a strap that is long enough to wear crossbody. I find I wear it a lot to my Son's TKD (Taekwondo) class because I don't have to worry about putting it down on the dirty floor.

    As far as what do I put in them. In the Swingpacks I put a small wallet, my keys, chapstick, camera and anything else small that I need to take like a brochure of where we are going or something.

    In the Bleeker Flap I have my accordian wallet, a small measuring tape, chapstick, and a wristlet with children's benadryl for my Son, Handi-wipes, mini first aid kit, mini Swiss Army knife, etc. I could actually put a lot more in this purse but I'm used to not carrying a lot a stuff. My first Coach purse was really small and I carried it for about 10 years.
  12. I love my Swingpacks! I use it for vacations. It's so much easier to have your hands free and nothing to carry when you're walking aroind in the parks.
    I also use it for mall shopping. If I'm carrying alot it's nice not to worry about your bag.

    They hold everything I need for the day, phone, keys, mini wristlet for the credit cards and cash & camera.
    My latest one was the Chocolate Legacy and I get so many compliments on it!
  13. oooooooooooo a swingpack would be perfect to take on vacation!!! You gals gave me a great idea! :smile:
  14. I use mine for work,concerts, football games, ect.
    It is great because it zips, it holds the main items you need, and it keeps your hands free.
    I put my wristlet in it, which has my credit cards and cash in it, with mints, lip gloss and my cell phone. ( all in wristlet) then I have just enough room in the purse for any thing else like the digi. cam for concerts and football games !!!