Uses for a mini pochette?

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  1. So I'm fairly new to pochettes. I jumped and bought the digital blue monogram. It's beautiful.. But I've no idea what to use it for? What do you use yours for? Maybe some other ideas will inspire me!

  2. Oh, lucky you! Congrats! They are really hard to get. I've been on the waiting list since beginning of February and still nothing 😞 I wish I could get mine soon.

    Anyway what do I use it for?
    1. As a wallet inside my bag, holding my cards, coins and tissues
    2. A holder inside my bag to hold misc such eg. Hair ties, band aids, feminine hygiene,
    3. A mini cosmetic pouch
    4. A clutch with the wristlet for errands or when I want to go out

    Those are what I mainly use it for. I have 2 mini pochette and absolutely love them. They are a great side and so functional, and definitely very cute. One is the Christmas animation DE 2014 and the other is very limited, only 25 made in total is the voyage range with the the city name on it and rose ballerina colour inside 2015. That one has to be my favourite. Then if I can get this monogram blue one it will be fantastic. No guarantee at this stage thou

  3. Thank you!! All great suggestions! Yes the blue monogram one is the only one I have, I was on the wait list but decided that would never happen. So I called around the stores until I found one in San Diego and they shipped it to me. I got lucky I guess :smile: I hope you get yours soon! The pochette with rose ballerine inside sounds like a beauty though! That color has to be one of my favourites too!
  4. I use it to carry my camera.
  5. I use one for make up to fresh up at work.. And another to hold intim lady stuf :giggles:

  6. Good idea! I never thought about using it for that, was looking for a wapity for my camera. Have to try it out with my camera- hope it fits!
  7. Lol. I use mine for my
    Daughters eye drops and steroid cream. Plus one cream for me too and eye moisturizer
    Drops. I get to use it every day! Lol.
  8. I've been using it as my makeup bag where I put 3 lipsticks/gloss, eyeliner, Loccitane hand lotion, small fragrance sample spray, boba stamp cards, 2 microfiber cloths, and a small nail clipper.
  9. I use my digital blue for electronic stuff. Charge cable, back up battery, headphones, and a lens cloth to wipe the phone's glass.

    I use my damier azure for toiletries and OTC meds [emoji4]
  10. I absolutely love mine! At first I wasn't sure what I'd end up using it for and now I love it so much I want a few others!

    I currently use it to store my stomach medicine, eye drops, and things like Advil travel packets but it really can be used for so much. I love to use it when I go out dancing or somewhere crowded, because it will hold my iPhone 6, a lipstick or two, and my cles with my ID/card/cash as well. Sometimes I also use it as a smaller makeup bag when I'm taking a purse that is medium-sized like my Speedy 30 and I don't/can't fit my toiletry pouch 26 but still need a little holder.

    Honestly it is SUCH a great piece and I think it's very underrated by many people, maybe not here on the LV forum but in day-to-day life. So many people have asked why I would spend so much on a little pouch...I say it's the best little pouch ever! For example after work I'm taking my pup to the dog park and I love using it to go there. I can stay hands-free because it fits just right over my shoulder, and it fits my keys, Chapstick and iPhone so I have all I need without being weighed down. I also love that you can clip the chain to the same end as the leather tab and make it into a wristlet with a gold chain!
  11. I use mines to hold my cles, which has all of my important cards inside. It also holds my lipgloss, money, coins, and keys. I carry it everywhere I go. When I don't want to carry a purse, I just grab my mini pochette and go. It is very useful!!!! Enjoy yours!!
  12. I use mine to hold miscellaneous stuff I like carrying with me. So stuff like feminine products, toilets, Tide to go pen, purse hanger etc. It makes it a lot easier to remember things when switching bags as I only need to remember my mini pochette, rather than each miscellaneous thing.

    It's my hardest working SLG by far (beats out my cles). You'll definitely find a use for it.
  13. I got the Evasion mini pochette for my mum who's semi-retired and this is funny because now it's her "handbag". She uses it to hold her phone, driver's license, 1 credit card, car key, a tiny pill box and some cash.

    Hope you enjoy yours fully! :smile:
  14. I wasn't in love with the blue on it at first, BUT THEN...I saw a photo on instagram that someone attached a chain on it to use as a crossbody small bag. I fell in love with it instantly!
  15. I just have a lip stick, Chapstick, a compact and bandaids (I'm injury prone [emoji24])
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