****** users, just curious how the process works???

  1. Ok, finally ordered an LV through ****** and I'm just curious how long it takes before you'll see the $$ amount reflect in your account, does it happen once the item is processed, shipped, etc.????
  2. I think it takes a little longer than that, about 1-2 weeks. I'm dying to know, what did you order?
  3. Oh, ok, good, I was thinking I may have done it wrong. I ordered my Lexington, I'm such a pochette girl and I've always wanted the darn thing, I got noisette because I think it will be a great neutral kinda dressy bag for me AND I just got this awesome Robert Rodriguez beige silk and lace blouse that I'm going to wear to the Symphany next month, the only bag I could picture wearing with it was the Lexington! I know it's small, but in everyday life I'm always carrying two bags, a large work bag or briefcase and a pochette so I don't need to fit a lot im my pochettes! I'm def. excited, just need to tell my DH I ordered it! This is my LAST larger purchase before Hawaii, I kinda justified it because I just got a good amount of what I wanted for fall clothes for nothing, my girlfriend owns a boutique, and for all the hours I've helped her this summer she gave me a pair of jeans, a skirt, a camisole, and a sweater. I'll probably wait until it gets colder to think about any more fall stuff so I'm set for now! I am going to buy a little something @ the PF meeting in KOP, but nothing major. Sorry so long....
  4. It takes like a day or two for your purchase to show up in your ****** account. So it may say you have earned $x. Then once elux clears your purchase which can take a month or more, you will either get a check or if you chose the money to be deposited in your paypal account it will be deposited there. The paypal feature is nice. I just got $75 deposited last month from all my purchases that have accumulated over the summer.
  5. I use the ****** and love it. I have them send a check directly to me. I usually notice that mine shows up once my item has been shipped and credit card payment has cleared. It doesn't seem to take very long. It's great for us on this board considering we spend so much online.
  6. Yeah, I'm super excited to have saved like $20 on my new bag! Makes up for the price increase since I last thought of buying it!! I was just worried maybe I did it wrong, but I don't think so...
  7. I think I'm missing something, what is ******?
  8. http://www.******.com is a shopping site that gives you up to 25% "Cash Back" when you shop online.

    You also get $5 for signing up!
  9. looks interesting. Do you get anything for referring someone to that site?
  10. It shows up usually right around when the item gets delivered in my experence. Enjoy your Lexington and post pics when you get it!
  11. I used Ebated for the first time this pasat week as well!! I made the purchase on Wednesday and last night ****** emailed me showing the money in my account already! So hopefully everything will run smoothly and I'll be receiving a check soon!

  12. I'm sure you did it correctly-- but if it doesn't show up in a month, send them an email and reference the tracking ticket so they can give you the credit manually.
  13. Yup, both sides get $5. You can use someone's referral link or enter their email address.