user no longer registered - please help

  1. I had 3 items listed on ebay. when I checked my account this morning I noticed that a user with zero feedback had bought all three. To make matters worse the user is also listed an as unregistered user now. I filed a claim and received credit for the final value fee.

    I would like to relist these items but now it appears that I have to pay to relist the items. It really is no fault of mine that an unregistered user bid on my items with buy it now....

    what am I supposed to do? will ebay refund me with the relisting fees?

    Please help? aaarggghhhh I am so frustrated:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. I would contact eBay live help first. eBay has refunded me money for things that are beyond my control. One time my listing took over 24 hours to show up and eBay refunded me half the listing fee after I talked to their live help department. Although the situation is different from yours, I think it is worth a shot.

    Good luck!!:flowers:
  3. no. unfortunately you will not be refunded. what i do when i list buy it now items is i make those auctions "immediate payment" auctions. you can click it while you are listing ur item. that way a buy it now has to pay or else the auction will not end. however if someone wins your auction style listing and does not pay, you can recoup your final value fees but not your listing fees. sucks, i know. but it's the nature of the beast.
  4. i just read the above listing, that is good advice, if it worked for her. i never got a refund from ebay. but i guess if you contact them and ask maybe they will offer one. good luck
  5. Thanks...but where do I find ebay live help?:flowers:
  6. When you go to the front page of ebay, you will see two Search boxes. One is on the top right corner and the other one is lower. Look for the Search box that is located lower and right next to the Search button you should see a small link that says "Live Help" with a little yellow question mark icon next to it.:flowers:

    Just explain the situation and tell them that your listing hadn't even been listed for that long before this person took the bags off the market and get un-registered.
  7. What I did in my case was I told the live help rep that I listed my stuff over 24 hours ago for a 7-day listing and that due to the fact that it is a high cost item, timing is of great importance. I told them that every minute that passed without the listings being propagated through the system means I'm losing lots of potential sales. I further explained to them that since they work in eBay, they must understand the importance of timing and competitions. Then I told them that I paid for 7 days and now not only am I not getting the full 7 days, I'm also losing potential sales. Thus, I would like some sort of compensation.

    And that's how I got the partial refund.:yes:

  8. Oh my gosh....thank you so much. I just spoke to a representative and all my fees were refunded.

    Thank you...:flowers: :love: :heart:
  9. Yay!!!!:yahoo: Good luck on your sales!! Don't get discouraged if the bags take a whlie to sell. With eBay, it's all about timing. If someone wants the bag badly enough, they'll get it no matter what.:yes:
  10. Thanks...I am so happy....Now I really need to get you that job:yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. I know I will love that job:yes: I'm still waiting for the call though:shame: