User Names (Coach Related)

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  1. I have alway been interest in why we all choose or User Name...

    Also do you have a Favorite User Name....

    Mine is pretty basic, I am addicted to all things Coach to the exclusion of all other labs... I do not totally know why, I have loved since I was a kid...

    Fav User Name - "Novemberrain" I just love that song think it is a cool choice...
  2. My username here isn't Coach related... do I still get to play?

  3. Oh Yeah, everyone gets to play...
  4. Ok cool :smile:

    When I joined I just picked a username because I didn't think I was actually going to participate here (HAHAHA that turned out well) and BDP is the abbreviation of the name of my dog forum. It means Big Dogs Porch. Had I known I was going to actually be involved I would have chosen either my username there DanaRVT (real name and title) or DogFoodGuru (my other website and what most people call me).
  5. My birthday ;)
  6. Oh, good thread/question! I'm always interested in people's usernames and avatars. My username is the first 4 letters of my first name plus my middle name. Not very creative but I like it! My avatar is a pic of my pups. :smile:
  7. Oh good one! My avatar is my assistance dog Karma.
  8. My user name is rather catchy. I didnt think anyone else would have it. Its my user name also on many boards i participate in too that are purse related.
  9. When I first joined the forum I was looking for info on Louis Vuitton... hence the "Louis" part. I just grabbed "Queen" because a lot of people seemed to be using Queen or Princess in their names and being in my 30's, I thought I was more a Queen than a Princess. And also I thought there's King Louis the (whatever number), so why not QueenLouis.
  10. #10 Jul 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    I chose my user name AlwaysLoveBags, because I always loved purses. :smile: Purses are my favorite accessory. When I was a kid, I carried my purse all around the house. My parents even took pictures of me strutting around the house carrying my purse. As an adult, carrying my favorite purse always brighten up my day.
  11. I love the fuchsia plant. "Fuchsia" was already taken, so I had to do a little alteration and it fits very well. :smile: My new avatar shows the waterlily that is growing in the pond in my backyard. We had had it for several years before it bloomed for the very first time (earlier this month).
  12. I was wicked creative when coming up with my username... I used my first and middle name, sepereated by a period. I know, I know... it's a gift, really. :P
  13. ^^^^^
    LMAO :roflmfao:

    My name is used for my etsy business, email, etc. It is from the horse show world. Often times pedigree quarter horses are named "Heza" or "sheza" something. I'm a gem so it was perfect. LOL
  14. Cool idea. My username is just one of my favorite names, and the name of my favorite cat ever (who is no longer with us), and I added the 11 out of habit from adding numbers to passwords. If I had known how much I would love tpf I would have been more creative.

    My avatar is because I'm completely obsessed with Twilight, my 12-year-old daughter got me into it and now thinks I'm the crazy one lol. Fortunately my Twilight addiction is much easier on my wallet than my Coach addiction.
  15. honu is the hawaiian word for sea turtle, which is another obsession of mine. I will never forget my first trip to Hawaii and my first time snorkeling - I turned around in the water and there was this huge sea turtle. I must have swam with that guy for hours - it is something I will never forget. Since then I have swam with many more, but that was the beginning of my love for honu's.
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