user name

  1. Hi, I registered a while back under this name and never posted.

    Now I would like to change the user name, is that possible? If so, how? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey!
  3. hi Roo
  4. Hi there, I won't say welcome, because you've been here longer than me! :biggrin: Hopefully, Megs, Vlad, or one of the Mods can help you.
  5. You might want to PM Vlad and see what he says....
  6. Hi from a fellow member of the other board. I wondered--because I've been using the same name I use everywhere--is it because of the nastiness that developed on the other board that you think it's not such a good idea to do this?
  7. honestly, yes!
  8. ^^what other board?

    Vlad will see this thread soon and offer any assistance he can.
  9. thanks