User Name Question

  1. I have 2 user names.

    (I initially registered under a different user name, but changed to another one after I deemed it too boring (it was my plain legal name))

    Can I have the old one deleted, and keep my initial registration date? (Sep 2005)
  2. I'll send Vlad this way, or actually PM him and tell him the old one.
    Also, a head's up for people, we DO NOT allow one person to have more than one screen name.
  3. ^ Like Swank said, we do not allow 2 names- so make sure you PM Vlad ASAP to help you make the changes you would like k
  4. Thanks guys! You [​IMG] !
  5. I want to change my username. How do I do it? I'm new here and am new to forums in general.