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  1. Ok this really has no bearing on anything but last week on America's Top Model ... Tyra Banks was wearing a gray hoodie with the tokidoki logo all over it. I was watching and I said "OMG!! She's wearing tokidoki!!"

    Ok I got that out of my system :smile:
  2. A couple of days I go I was watching some dating show on MTV. One of the guys competing on it was wearing a tokidoki shirt and I had the same reaction as you. He was wearing the shirt with the girl sitting on the tiger. I also saw my first fake IRL yesterday. It wasn't a terrible fake but it was a style that doesnt exist. :busted I smiled to myself and kept walking.:hrmm:
  3. Waiiiiiiiiiiiiit, are you talking about like this season of ANTM? I didn't see her wearing a toki anything...hmmm? I have seen contestants on different seasons wearing toki shirts..especially that Indian girl..she was cool.
  4. I don't think it was tokidoki :sad:
    at first i was like OMG tokidoki!!
    and i looked closely, they weren't crossbones. they weree like spears or something, so it's probably different, but i'm not 100% suree
  5. Yeah..I noticed that too ..But i am not sure if it is Tokidoki. Was she wearing it whilst taking picstures of the girls ?
  6. yeah! it was like gray with lighter gray logos all over it.
    the bones were like --> instead.. weird :shrugs:
  7. OK, it must not have been tokidoki, cuz i really think i would have noticed it. I watch ANTM like religiously lmfao.
  8. Hahahaah we are all fools for Tokidoki! I saw Tyra last week too and had to do a double take.. i don't think it was.
  9. hmm Primp has some crossbones type hoodie stufft and thatz popular with the celebs... if it wasn't tokidoki
  10. What season is it over there?
    I think we just finished the 5th season, waiting for 6th.
    (I'm so embarrassed about watching that thing :rolleyes:).
  11. I :love: :love: :love: ANTM. I love when they have the marathons on of the repeats when you get to see one right after another from start to finish.

    Snoop over here they finished season 7 and are now on 8.

    Here is a pic of Jayla from ANTM wearing a tokidoki shirt.

    I know that on cycle 7 Melrose wore a shirt with Mou Mou the milk bottle on it. I don't know if there are any pics of her w/it on any where. :shrugs:
  12. Haha ok so she wasn't wearing tokidoki? I was staring at my TV screen and I swore it looked like the toki logo but then again umm ... I wasn't wearing my glasses :biggrin:

    Ugh .. never realized how much I need my glasses to watch TV. ah well.

    omg jayla and melrose wore toki tees?? I never even noticed!! Although that might be because I HATE HATE HATED melrose ... lol
  13. [quoteomg jayla and melrose wore toki tees?? I never even noticed!! Although that might be because I HATE HATE HATED melrose ... lol[/quote]

    ME TOO! omg I was soooo happy when CariDee won! you have no idea... That season a lot of the girls were wearing Toki shirts. I thought maybe I missed an episode and they did like, a special thing with Tokidoki and got really excited!, but I read back the episode guides and they didn't. :sad: They probably just got them at a regular store. and I was mortified when one of the girls had like, the shirt cut the sleeves off & cut in the middle of the neckline (prolly cuz she had big boobs that wouldnt fit in the shirt!)
    i was just like :wtf: :shocked: :blink: :cry:
  14. tokidokicouture - yah I was sooo happy when CariDee won altho for a while there I was scared cuz she did so so bad on the final cat walk challenge :push:

    You know, I do remember someone wearing a mutilated tee with the sleeves cut off ... shame on her for detroying a toki tee!!
  15. Ok, that was a spoiler for cycle 7. :push:

    To be honest I always end up checking online who won like 4-5 episodes before the end, wanna make sure it's not 'the annoying one'. :lol:

    Did anybody else hate Naima? She was just not-that-pretty.
    Also didn't like Nicole, she whined too much.