"Useless" Designer Accessories

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  1. Inspired by The Fashion Spot, I'm curious what less-than-practical designer accessories you own. Like Prada tricks or this LV keychain:

  2. I got the LV key chain with this advert from the 20's. It's lovely but just a key chain.
  3. I bought a Mulberry keychain to go with my Roxanne. It is a HUGE leather tassel - about 8 inches long, looks more like a curtain tie-back!! My husband refuses to carry it, but I think it is cute. At least it is hard to lose.
  4. I love that LV keychain! But I don't love it enough to pay $230 for it right now :sad:
  5. I have a Tiffany's keychain, but that doesn't have anything to do with purses!
  6. i think cell phone tassles are fairly useless. i threw away the one that came with mine, so why would i spend $100+ on one with a logo? i don't let myself buy designer keychains, tassles, cell cases, ipod cases, etc. most of them seem to run 200$ or more and with that, i'm well on my way to a new bag. if i had a pile of money sitting around for my own entertainment, i might, but i doubt it.
  7. Agreed. I throw around my keys so much, I'd scratch up that $200 keychain within a week. My cell phone is pretty beat up, too, and it's less than a year old.
  8. I agree with Amanda and Cristina about cell-phone tassels. That and handbag tassels that are not originally part of the bag (feel bad saying it because my mom has one).
  9. I have a Coach keychain with little pave crystals on it, which I got from eBay for like $35. It's cute. But that's pretty much the most I would pay for a keychain.
  10. I bought a Coach keychain which holds two pictures and I hardly ever use(d) it.
  11. I have a Marc Jacobs ipod mini holder. I really don't know what I was thinking when I deceided to get it. I mean it looks great, but it's too big for my ipod. I got my parents to bring it back for me from the states so I didn't know it didn't fit my ipod properly. I paid $250 CAD (or something like that) for it and I just think I could have put that money towards something more useful, like another purse! :amuse:
  12. Those things bug me so much. I once saw a phone holder that was 250, and I was like my phone didn't even cost 250. lol :weird:
  13. I have a Prada heart trick, its just a cute thing to hang from my bag...just like my cell phone charm :lol:
  14. the lv astropill is absolutely useless unless you're rich and have money to blow...a $230 flashlight?? no thanks...
  15. yeah, that astropill thing is funny. but i think the gucci dog accessories take the cake. does your dog really need to chew on something gucci?
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