Useing a tanning bed to darken the leather?

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  1. Hi, I searched threads on how to darken the leather faster on my mono speedy and I saw a few people said they put their bag in a tanning bed. I dont own a tanning bed, but I was thinking about taking it to a tanning place and putting my bag in a bed. (I think ill keep it to myself that my bag is actually going tanning not me! lol) I just wasnt sure if I should put something on the leather to make it work better (suggestions)? Will it hurt the cavas in any way? Also, should It go in for a full 20 minutes? I know this might all sound a little stupid but I want my leather to darken!! (I have had this bag for two years, and have left it out a few times in the natural sun. I just have not had a chance to use it a whole lot outside).
  2. I've taken my galliera mono gm to the tanning bed a few times with nothing on the leather. I did it for 20 mins. She now has a nice patina. I would recommend it!
  3. Thank You:smile: Do you have any pictures of your bag before and after the tanning? Im wondering how many times I might have to take it to get a nice color...
  4. She's out for repair so I can't take any pictures. I would do it twice and see how you like it.
  5. Did the tanning bed darken your leather?:smile: