Usefulness of the Bayswater?

  1. Hi I am new here so please be gentle. Anyway am thinking of getting the bayswater in oak but have a couple of queries/concerns which I thought I could check with you guys.

    Basically I want this bag to be my main bag, the bag I throw over my shoulder or carry and go without thinking about it BUT is it too big (and heavy) just to use for those times when I only have to carry keys, mobile and purse? Will I look stupid rummaging around in a big bag to get my 'phone out? Or because of its size do you end up carrying everything but the kitchen sink in it? Experience and advice greatly appreciated.

    If I decide it is too big what would you recommend as a Mulberry alternative? but not a ledbury - not really taken by that style am afraid........ Also (don't want much do I ) anyone got piccies of a the inside of a bayswater with stuff in.....
  2. I just got one but haven't really used it yet because it's supposed to be for xmas! I must admit when I put my stuff in it, it is quite heavy so I'll be using mine for a work bag. It weighs approx 2lb when empty.Don't think it would be the sort of bag I'd personally want to lug around shopping for example!
    For those times when i want to just carry wallet keys and phone I use my messenger style Antony bag as i don't like carrying a big bag unnecessarily.
    I find the bayswater fits ok over my shoulder as long as I'm not wearing a thick coat but i know other people have difficulty using it as a shoulder bag, it's designed to be a hand held bag really. For a shoulder bag -may be worth looking at Annie, Effie or Phoebe ( but any of the bags in natural/darwin leather tend to be quite heavy. My Annie also weighs 2lb empty!
    Hope some of this ramble has helped. I'm sure you'll get lots of opinions. The bayswater is a very popular style!
  3. I like it and use mine quite a bit. It works really well for me since my days of just having the phone, wallet and keys have passed. It fits all of the kids stuff quite nicely and does get heavy.

    One thing I don't like is that the interior of the bag is so dark. I actually have a flashlight hanging from the zipper pull.

    Have fun making your decision!
  4. Thanks very much flyvetjo and zooba for your thoughts. Zooba your days of carrying just purse, phone and keys will come back - my kids now carry their own stuff.

    Flyvetjo was looking at the Anthony messenger bag it's the kind of bag I've had before now, I thought the bayswater would be a more grown-up bag now I'm reaching a big birthday starting with 4... will look at the other bags you mentioned.

    I know the bayswater will be great for carrying work papers etc but if I am spending $$ on a bag I want to use it every day. Maybe I should get the bayswater and anthony mmm.

    Do you have any piccies you can share? inside shots would be appreciated.
  5. have you thought about the east west bayswater. Bigger than the ledbury but not as big. I think this is the perfect size. I have both and tend to use this one more.
  6. Thank you flyvetjo! I've been thinking about getting a Bayswater but I've never seen one IRL -- I'm hoping to find one next week when I visit NYC. I was afraid the Bayswater would be a shoulder bag, and I'm more of a handheld-bag girl, so this is good news!:yes:
  7. I've got an oak Bayswater and I :heart: it to bits. It's the perfect bag for me. I find it fits over my shoulder, even with a thick coat. I don't find as heavy as some other Mulberry bags, e.g. the Roxanne. It does hold a lot, so for days when I am travelling lighter I use my Araline, which is easy just to sling over my shoulder.
  8. Thanks for all responses, they are very useful as I live in Austria which does not have a Mulberry stockist, so I can't go and see the bags in RL before I decide to buy.

    I too love the timeless looks of the Bayswater but I think I may *need* to consider buying another smaller bag as well!

  9. I tried one on yesterday and I must say it isn't as big as I'd expected. I'm quite used to my Fendi spy, which looked huge next to the bayswater, and my Chloe paddy, which is a lot heavier than the bayswater. I think it's a very nice bag with enough room to put all your stuff whilst still being convenient enough to carry about town. It's not too big and not too small either. It fits nicely over the shoulder as well. I was looking for a bag that I can carry every day and which is bigger than my Novaks an Prada's, but not as heavy as the paddy or fragile like the spy. I think it's a perfect every day bag and I'm very much in love with it. I'm getting the oak darwin bayswater as soon as it gets here from the factory.
  10. Don't worry,hang about on here long enough and you'll end up with at LEAST three!!!!
    The Bayswater is seriously gorgeous and would cover most uses,however I have to agree with Jo that I definately would not put any shopping in it!!!! Her oak Annie is beautiful too,and they hold a fair bit,I had a look at one IRL and they look like they hold approx what a Roxanne would with much more useful handle/shoulder strap length than the Rox,I've abandoned mine for a bit in favour of the Elgin in oak as its much easier to wear and keep your hands free,and it holds tons of stuff.Pain in the bum if your keys end up at the bottom of it!!!!!
  11. I think the Bayswater is definitely one of the most useful bags ever - otherwise I wouldn't own four of them!

  12. Now that I've carried my Bayswater for a few weeks, I can say that it is not too big or heavy for everyday use. I've used it for work, running around, and mall shopping, and it's been great for everything so far. Love this bag!

    I agree about the dark interior. I solved this with a bright-pink Chameleon insert inside, which keeps things organized and makes it all easier to see.
  13. I don't think that any one bag works for everything... I am really loving changing bags occasionally, depending on the need. But the Bayswater will always look fabulous -- it is a big tote. So in that sense, you can grab it and go, and look great. Somedays you really want a handsfree -- if you're shopping for instance, or a clutch if you're going out to dinner. So, best to have a little handbag wardrobe going on...
  14. Wow my first and only thread is still going!

    Thank you all for your comments, the Bayswater is obviously a very popular and loved bag.

    Unless they are drastically reduced in the Xmas sale on the Mulberry website (would they be? have they been before???) I will wait until I am passing through London next and visit a stockist and see one in RL first before I purchase.

    PS it's snowing here in Austria!