Usefull website / really cool tool / background check of your ebay seller

  1. OMG look at this website! thanks to LV_Mama_AZ I just tried let-trade and look what I found? this guy withdraw all his neutral and negative feedback. I heard he was so nice, why is tony from let-trade try to hide this, how is it possible, do you have to pay to withdraw a feedback ? OMG I'm even more afraid to buy on ebay, you never know what's behind a good feedback!

    Can you guys tell me how this ois possible? is it a fake website , let-trade is so well known and so nice with everyone.
  2. Interesting...
  3. thanks to me? i never knew about this site :blink:
  4. This site is legit.
  5. :shame:OOps I'm sorry that was from redsox24 :flowers:
  6. that's a really cool tool
  7. i was thinking, i'm not that "computer cool" to find a site that :lol:
  8. Thanks for sharing Miroir :biggrin:
  9. hmm, but if you read through all the feedback, you can see that it's from users that are new or have been NARU'D and not all of them are about LV either. Also, it is normal for good sellers to have some bad feedback from deadbeat bidders or just those who want the money back or have buyer's remorse. It's hard to look at a few negative feedback when compared to the bigger picture. He has 11 negative feedback from over 1400 positive feedbacks. Not to sound like I'm pro let-trade but just want to give the other side of the story. There are also many people here on TPF who have purchased from him and are completely satisfied.
  10. I've had that site bookmarked for over a year and use it all the time.
  11. yes that's what I said , I heard only good stuff about let-trade, don't take it personally. I don't know why you are reacting like that. That's why I was asking if this website was legit or not because let-trade is so well known to be a first class seller.
  12. The thing about let-trade is, that since he sells so much stuff, there's bound to be some retalitory feedback thrown in there. He's definitely proven that he's not jerking you around.

    Oh right, the policy changed fairly recently concerning non paying bidders. Prior to the policy change, non paying bidders could still leave negative feedback and have it count towards the seller rating (very stupid). Now, the feedback stays but it doesn't count towards the rating - which is how it ought to be.
  13. Hi, is this comment directed towards me? If it is, then I want to apologize if I sounded offensive or rude in any way. That was not my intention. I just wanted to give the other side of the story. I don't think I was reacting too personally at all but I guess it's hard to show exactly what you are saying on the internet. Sorry again!
  14. :smile: NO WORRIES, it's hard to show emotions here without smyleys lol :biggrin:
  15. this is a very helpful tool, thanks.