Useful info about ordering tassels from Bal NY

  1. If you bought your bag from Bal NY, the first set of tassels are FREE!

    Otherwise they are $5.50 for a set. I believe it is $2 extra for Canada.

    Oh, and Sarah, is the SA I spoke to and she is super nice and sweet =)

    But you can only order TWO times *FAINTS*

    I don't regret it, my bag really needed them. It's cracking and starting to rip! :wtf:
  2. i love Sarah too, she's a sweetie!

    i thought it was 2 times PER each color? or did i get it wrong and it's 2 times tassel order PERIOD?
  3. by first set of tassels are you mean the ones that come with the bag (wrapped in plastic with the tags) or an additional set?
  4. the extra set of tassels that comes with the bag is of course free(since it's already there in the box), but if you'd like a 3rd + set (1st's on your bag, 2nd's in the plastic wrapper), it's $5.50 per set, shipping's only $5.00. but they don't have all the colors available, it's kinda random.
  5. I was told two sets PER customer period.
  6. I called a while back to order for a couple of people and was told they were out of the colors I needed and as they run out the older colors will not be available anymore and will not be reordered.
  7. Oh really??? I should order more of my color then as back up.