Used vs. New first chanel?

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  1. there is a gst for 1680 available gently used, purchased in 07 with all papers and receipt...should this be my first chanel or should I save and get my very own brand new?
  2. i guess it depends if you are able to comfortably afford a new one.. if you feel that you would like a brand new one and won't be too hard to save then wait a bit and get it new because there's always that excitement of going to the chanel store!
  3. Gently loved can be as good (if not better -when you consider $$$ saved).
    Just make sure it is clean and a real Chanel...and enjoy, while pocketing the extra $$$. :smile:

    Of course...nothing replacing the whole in store / boutique experience...but each buyer must decide for themselves if that experience is worth the extra $$$. And sometimes that experience can be fabulous or totally over-rated.

    Good luck deciding.:tup:
  4. true if you get a really good deal its hard to pass up especially if the bag is in really good condition!
  5. if you go to and type in chanel gst in the search you can see the pics.. help me please..
  6. I sometimes like preowned bags. I have a preloved Vivienne Westwood that I loved to deth but it was and old collection and impossible to get new. I think it depends on you. You can buy this but either new or old, so you have choice. In my case, whenever I can I prefere a new one, but if this bag is clean and you are sure it's real, I would say go for it
  7. I am so torn..
  8. I agree 100%! It's like buying a brand new car. Sure you get that brand new car smell when you buy it new, but you lose thousands just driving it off the lot. Buying a used bag is a smart financial decision. Do your research - make sure the bag is real, clean, in good condition, and worth the asking price. If you want to authenticate it, post it in the Chanel authentification thread.
  9. did you see the scracth that was there? is that detrimental?
  10. i say if it hasnt loose the structure i say is a keeper but for some reason i dont find link n link already on thread wont work, i dont think is bad even if its first chanel to buy it used n stuff, cuz somepeople includin me dont really use their chanels alot, so it wasnt probably that used as we think just cuz is not new.

    conclusion : i would get the one on the website for cheaper if it havent loose the structure on the bottom aka sagging.
  11. I would not be - I would ask any questions of the seller - if you have any. Get bag auth. - if you have any doubts about it,....

    Purchase the bag and put your extra $$$ in your wallet and rock your newly acquired Chanel!!


  12. Just saw that....ask where on the bag it is located?
    I can't tell - looks like a corner.
    Probably not a big deal - your local shoe / bag repair shop or Chanel can fix that right up.
  13. If you are torn, get a brand new one.
  14. its on the bottom of the bag..was purchased july of 07 from Saks.