used to want a bbag reeeally bad, now the excitement is gone

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  1. lol

    im one of those people who want what they cant have, and now that i almost have enough moolah for one, i dont know if i wanna buy one. :x

    can somebody sway me on buying a balenciaga bag? i know i used to be ecstatic about getting one for a really long time, but i need a push!
  2. Its totally normal. Because the reality is setting in on how much these bags really cost. You've seen how hard you had to work for the money and now you are wondering if they are really worth it. That's really up to you to decide.

    Personally, I love my bbags more than any other handbag, they are worth it to me because I feel the quality of the leather and beauty of the colors are unsurpassed. If I could have found a cheaper substitute, I would have.
  3. Well, pardonmyfreedom, I don't think that anyone should be swayed into buying a $1k bag... it sounds like the best thing to do is wait until something really grabs you.
  4. ^^^Ditto

  5. I have to say, ita! It is a lot of money and if you aren't sure, I would suggest waiting and saving your money. :smile:
  6. :yes: 1K+ is too much money to waste on something you had to be persuaded into buying! Hang onto those funds until something *really* grabs you. And when something does, wait at least a week to see if the hunger is still there before you take the plunge!
  7. You'll know it when you see it xo
  8. I always go by the motto " If you don't love it, don't buy it" Like what the other girls have said, 1k is a lot of money to put on a bag if you don't feel the "KaPoW, WOW" factor. :nuts: Wait a week or 2 & see how you feel about it then. :wlae:
  9. aaaah, just like the thrill of the hunt. We search and search for THE bag. We find it, buy it, get it home and then we go...nah, I think I need to sell it! Then we start looking for the next one.

    Its a never ending cycle.
  10. I'm with the others. You should only pay that much for something you REALLY love.

    That being said, once you get a Bbag home, and in you have it in your hands.... excitement isn't even the word. It's LOVE:heart:
  11. Keep your moolah for something that makes your heart race and gives you sleepless nights thinking about it.
  12. Hey, if you really want your appetite whetted, just stay around tPF reading the threads every day. That will soon turn you around. ;)
  13. Yep, totally agree with everyone.

    If you're not sure, don't do it. Just wait until something really, really grabs you....go to the nearest retailer to see/feel the bags would probably help! :smile:
  14. Pardon me, but aren't you the one that came down hard on the ladies in this forum that buy their own bbags, either with their money or otherwise?

    And now you want one?
  15. yes, i believe thou dost protest too much, ms. pardon...
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