used speedy?

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  1. hi everyone.

    i usually frequent the coach threads, but i've recently fallen in love with lv. i only have one bag, and its a small shoulder bag.

    i'm a little tight on cash, and i found a damier azul speedy 30 (i hope i wrote that right) on craigslist. one bottom corner is broken and showing the brass rail. i know its not brand new, but brand new isnt in my price range right now.

    shes willing to let it go for $240.

    would you guys go for it?
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    Even though the price is "good," I probably wouldn't.
  3. no, I would wait for one in better condition. and by waiting you can save more money for when you do purchase it!

    I think you'll end up saving money instead of buying it twice.
  4. i wouldnt buy it either, i would save up
  5. Save up or wait for one in better condition.
  6. Hi jayohwhy. $240 is a good price for a Speedy 30, but I think you would be much happier if you saved and bought a beautiful brand new one. LV might be able to repair the used one which, depending on the damage, could be cheaper than buying a brand new one but with Craigslist you have to be careful with authenticity as well.

    I say save for a new one. :smile:
  7. No--I would save up for a new one:smile:
  8. Yeah I'd save up for one in better condition if not brand new. Before you decide to buy a used one have it authenticate it first.
  9. She emailed me pictures but I'm on my iPAd and can't post them to authenticate....
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    Save the pics to your iPad then upload them on the thread.

    Better yet... don't give that woman any money for that poorly treated baby! Save up the money and get a new one since it is your first, you are almost halfway there with what she is asking for ;)
    A new authentic bag is worth the wait!!!:love:
  11. [​IMG]

    Here are some pics she sent me
  12. IMHO Don't get the used one. It looks terrible! If you add the cost of getting it repaired, you're better off getting a brand spankin' new one.
  13. IMHO, even for $240, it's still not worth it. It looks pretty beat up, that poor bag. I'd slap her with her own bag for mistreating it.
  14. I wouldn't get it. It looks pretty rough and I would do as others suggested by saving up for either a new one or one in much better condition.
  15. I wouldn't get this one it's in terrible shape I think with just a little bit more you'd be able to get another pre-loved speedy in betteer condition.