Used/Second hand purses

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  1. there's a chain of stores in Hong Kong call Milan Station (there are France stations and Paris stations too). Milan Station sells used brand name bags. They authenticate their bags and their sales reps have to take classes every month to learn how to authenticate bags. If you buy a bag from them and if it's ever fake, they will give you all your money back. I love that store, I bought a Dior and my mom got a Chloe from, does a store like that exist in the San Francisco area? I saw a few used Balenciaga bags at Milan Station before...but wasn't the right color for me. I'm into nice purses but can't always drop loads of money for it, and I don't mind used ones. And I just can't trust ebay. Is buying/selling second hand purses not as popular here in the US?
  2. I don't know, I'm afraid, but hopefully someone else will. :yes:
  3. You could try Crossroads Trading Co. They have a few locations in SF. Here's their website Welcome to Crossroads Trading Co.!. I haven't been to SF in a few years, but the last time I went they had great stuff, and I scored a barely used pair of Christian Louboutin slingbacks for $30.