Used my PCE card today!

  1. I went in and bought 3 items. Was fun! One was ordered so will be shipped. I haven't unwrapped yet but here is a pic of the boxes! and then pics of the items from They scanned my card then gave it back to me so I can use it again, which works out great since my Niece wanted a purse!

    [​IMG] This in PUNCH

    [​IMG] This in Black

    [​IMG] This in Brown for my son's teacher she loves coach! and it matches her bag.
  2. you should also post this in the PCE Pics thread :idea:
  3. So you can use the PCE card to order merch which is available now online, but the store might not carry?
  4. Yep! And 2 diff stores told me that. The punch was sold out in every store here but they said as long as it's still in the computer they can order it for me with the discount! :smile:
  5. very nice haul- congrats!
  6. I used mine today as well!
  7. But you can't use it for things which will not come out until after the card expires, technically? I want the legacy 1/2" bangle but it doesn't come out until the 29th.
  8. You can. Just inquire. :yes:
  9. Congrats!