used my pce and its killing me lol

  1. it is wrapped and put under the tree as a gift from my dd2 .....i got a black leather / kahki sig small bleeker flap and a kahki/ black wristlet (in the hopes my dh got me the kahki/black trim planner for christmas) and i wrapped it and put it under the tree.....i just keep saying a few more days....i should have just kept it out! lol i know he got something because there are 3 coach boxes under the tree that i did not put there,at least i know its not the bag i just got (i never pointed that one out) I walked into the store the other day and it just jumped out at me and i HAD to have that bag,i just loved it,after pce it only cost around 120.00 .
  2. Congratulations! That's an awesome deal too!
  3. Ooooh, that's the bag I want to get with my PCE, only in the brown combo. Is it really teeny-tiny, or can you fit a few things in there? I want to get the Bleecker wristlet to go along with it.
  4. MAYBE a small wallet/wristlet, cellphone and keys. It is TEENY-TINY.
  5. it is small but not too small..i can fit a small planner,wristlet,cell,keys and my dd pacie lol with room to spare....
  6. not so bad if it can carry a planner or a wristlet.. I don't mind a small bag because I don't carry that much.. usually cell, keys, lipgloss, nano etc..
  7. I have a bunch of large bags and am looking for a small bag for running out by myself, nights out, etc., so this sounds perfect!! Thanks!