Used my nanny's PCE card today....

  1. So I took my nanny to the mall with me today and she whips out a PCE card nonchalantly while we were in Coach. Now, why didn't she mention to me that she got one of these precious invites? Geez Louise! So she bought some refills for her agenda and gave me the card to use. I got the Bleecker duffle in Rust (sooooo gorgeous) and a pair of Legacy Stripe ballet flats. My SA rang us up and we paid for our items. Well, we got home, unloaded our purchases and found our PCE card in our bag. I am actually surprised because I thought that you have to turn over the invite to them. Does anyone know if you can use this card over and over again? It says on the card, "This card is valid for one transaction only and will be collected at the time of purchase." Do you think she could have forgotten to collect it??? :confused1:
  2. I'd heard from someone here on tPF that you can use that card as many times as you want as long as your card doesn't get collected by the SA. She also mentioned that once you've used your card and no longer need it, you can give it to someone else to use if you want. No pressure though! LOL ;)
  3. I've only gotten PCE once, but the SA gave it back to me and said "In case I wanted to use it again or let someone else use it."
  4. Lucky!

    Been waiting for a card from Coach since forever.. ^^;
  5. WOW... I would have kept the card and mailed it to someone here. Although at a regular PCE I have been able to ask for the discount in the stores I shop at where they know me and look for other items at another location, once I use the card I think they have always just kept it.
  6. wow! You girls are FAST! Someone just PM'd me and the card is gone already. However, I may have one coming in the mail because another generous tPF-er sent me one. I'm not going to offer that one until I actually have it in my hand. Don't want to false advertise or anything like that. :nogood:
  7. *sigh* Me too.
  8. Man I would die for a PCE card this time because I really want a bleecker capacity wristlet and only have 75 bucks in my wallet until Thanksgiving :-/
  9. I've never even had to show the SA the PCE card before. Last time I didn't even have it with me when I shopped, and I gave it to a friend to use. I even went back at least 2 more times during the week and I got the discount every time.
  10. during the september pce i bought 2 bags and they SA handed me the card back and said I could use it again, so I Just gave it to a friend.
  11. They usually give me back my PCE card and tell me I can use it throughout the week. Unfortunately, it makes me want to!:yes:
  12. They kept my card unfortunately. I got lucky though because one of the bags I wanted didn't get added to the final bill and when I came back they added it and included the discount.
  13. during September i bought a grand between a half hours time and they handed it back and went back...
  14. Hm... I've heard both. Usually they collect my card but occasionally they have told me to come back and use it as many times as I want.
  15. both times i've gotten the card back, which is probably to their benefit b/c i always end up going back to buy more stuff!