Used my Damier Ebene Neverfull for 4 months, no problem...until now...

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  1. I have used my Damier Ebene Neverfull practically everyday for the last 4 months. I just brought it on a trip to Florida with me last week so it was the 1st time I used it for traveling. Got home Saturday night. I filled the bag up twice just for the airport and plane. Two books, wallet, cosmetic bag, quart bag with liquids ect ect, ya know? I emptied everything out when I got to the hotel and it was my normal stuff in it for the week. Then once more it was filled when I came home. Probably filled up for a total of 2 hours altogether.

    I left with absolutely no peeling/cracking issues at all.

    I come back to now see this happening on two sides. The other sides are all fine.

    I'm VERY upset and I don't know what to do! I thought this bag was meant to handle lots of weight and traveling? It was pretty awesome to travel with I must say, but I really wish I would have bought the Mono to travel with instead.

    Look! Any thoughts of what I should do at this point? It doesn't seem THAT bad yet but this is utterly ridiculous. I also want to say that I never push the handles down and leave them standing up at all times.


  2. I'm sorry this happened to you! I've been tempted time and time again to purchase this as well but all these horror stories have stopped me.

    You're right, it's not that bad... yet... Hopefully it won't get worse :hrmm:
  3. Yeah the photos make it look worse than it is but I guess I will just send it in for repair if it really starts to chip. I adore the bag so much that I am planning on purchasing the Monogram one very soon. If I send this one out eventually, I can just use the Mono one to hold me over :biggrin:

    Where do they even send the bag to be reglazed? What is the average time it takes?
  4. I think cracking will happen but peeling is what you want to look out for...I wouldn't be too worried, but that's just me...good luck!
  5. Ohhhhhh! I didn't even think about the difference. Yeah maybe the cracking is inevitable. I'm just upset because as I mentioned before I left on my trip it was smooth and now this. Maybe it was a combination of filling the bag up for the airport and then the humidity being I was in Florida. Here in L.A. we get none of that type of weather.

    As long as it doesn't chip then it's fine. Thanks for your comment :smile:
  6. Of course! I'll be honest, I went on a trip and the same thing happened to my NF, but mine actually peeled. I was at a baseball game and saw a girl with a ebene NF MM, hers looked like that, not peeling but some cracking and I thought it didn't look too bad (compared to the peeling mine had had), and she said she had used it non-stop for years...sadly, I think thats what we have to shoot for... just cracking...its a thin coating that easily shows imperfections...i bet the red glazing on the mono cracks too, just doesn't happen as quickly or as noticeable...
  7. I was just in my store today because both my PM & GM have the cracking going on. Not a lot, but after being on here & having it happen to my MM, I decided to go into the store to see about it. I was told it is normal wear & tear. It can be reglazed if I want it. Honestly, if I hadn't been on here, I never would've known to look for it...I may send them out eventually if they get worse, but I am beginning to think I am being a little too picky...:shrugs: Besides, I really hate the thought of being without either of them for any length of time.
  8. What did you wind up doing about the peeling? Did you send it off for repair? It's really crazy that we have to shoot for "just cracking" on an $800 bag :nono:
  9. Do your bags look like how mine is now? I just don't want it to peel because it will look so tacky! I don't think either of us are being too picky though. These bags aren't cheap and if I can't even use it for traveling one time without it cracking, then that's just insane!

    Where did the store say they send it to be reglazed?
  10. Believe me I know... but yes, I sent it in for a repair, and so far so good, but I haven't traveled with it again yet. I guess we will see what happens then. I love the bag, and don't think the sides of the thin straps will be that noticeable to the average person, so as long as in the end it wont be a functional issue...i guess I can deal with a LITTLE aesthetic deterioration...wahhh oh well..
  11. They didn't say, but I would imagine the factory in California. I've read that's where other people have had theirs sent. My MM had the cracking happen after I took it to Italy. My cracking isn't as bad as yours is. It is just at the place where the handles are sewn to the bag, along the edging. You REALLY have to look for it. The SA at the store in charge of repairs even mentioned that she had to really look for it. They told me because it is a workhorse bag this will happen (which it definitely is), especially if you use it everyday like I do. I can live with this. If it gets really bad I will eventually have it relgazed. It is definitely made differently than others. I was inspecting other Damier bags & their handles while I was waiting for the decision from the repairs SA. I am done obsessing over this. Yours definitely looks worse than mine though. I would take it in & see what they say.
  12. When you traveled with yours, did you do what I did? Fill it up for the plane ect?

    I mean I had all my regular stuff in there, then I added two books, my quart bag with small bottles, my neck pillow ect. It was pretty filled up, but I mean that's what this bag was for I thought? lol!
  13. That is how I feel. It really isn't noticeable to the average person. I had to really show my DH. His immediate reaction was that leather has this happen. It looks fine to me, is what he said! My SA also said the same thing. They were very nice about it, though.
  14. I absolutely love my Damier Ebene Neverfulls, though, so I guess I can live with this. They really are great bags!
  15. Yes, I filled it up. I had my netbook in there along with a lot of travel items and my regular's ridiculous but the straps are so thin and when we load it up it puts a lot of strain on the pressure points...