Used MJ wallet....From eluxury!!!!!

  1. This weekend I finally made my first purchase from eluxury and it was on sale. A quilted ursula wallet in midnight. I was so excited I've been counting down the days for it to get here.
    This morning the doorbell rings and I rush to the door and snatch the box from the fed-ex guys hands, because I'm so excited to finally get my hands on this gorgeous wallet:nuts:.
    I get the wallet out and take a look inside and there's someone's credit card inside then I look at the brass buckle in the front and some of the color is rubbed off:cursing: :cursing: .
    I know it was on sale but it wasn't marked off enough to be this used. So now I'm really TICKED OFF w eluxury but I like the wallet I would keep it for more money off or maybe I will just send it back:crybaby:.
    Has anyone had this trouble before with them???:confused1:
  2. i like eluxury but you really got to inspect what you receive. they sell a ton and of course get a good share back for refund or exchanges. I would call and let me know what you found and that the wallet is used. they should offer you some sort of credit or partial refund.
  3. Oh... so sorry to hear that. Yeah, agree with LVobsessed415, should let them know the condition of the bag as it is their responsibility to ensure the quality of their goods before sending out to customer. And demand for more discount if you decide to keep it.

    Good luck! :balloon:
  4. I've ordered my midnight zip clutch from eluxury last year, and it was in new, excellent condition. My mom also got a plum zip clutch for the holidays from them, and had no problems with it. I recommend you call them and let them know about your situation, hopefully, they'll send you a different one without hesitation.
  5. How frustrating!! I hope eLuxury apologizes and handles it to your satisfaction. Let us know what happens! Good luck :smile:
  6. Oh no!! Hope you get this resolved quickly and satisfactorily!! Good luck!! :yes:
  7. Oh ..I'm so sorry..Iknow how excited youw ere when you ordered this..Are you kidding me though..SOmeone else's CC was int ehre? Give me a break..That goes way over the threshold...Cripe when I get something and I'm going to send it back..I am SO CAREFUL with it...That is bad news..This wouldn't hinder me from ordering from there..but it justs sucks that it happened to you!!! Let us know how it works out..I'd want a new one..
  8. Return it and COMPLAIN..They usually give ya a big discount with their screw ups!(Been there!LOL!They sent me the wrong bag once!!)
  9. That really sucks. You should return it. But that's pretty hilarious about the credit card still being in there
  10. So I called eluxury and they offered me a $25 dollar credit to my account for future purchases:sad: but they do not have any more of the wallets left to exchange for this one. I'm really disapointed because I've been looking for this wallet for ages then I get it but not really:shrugs: because it's used and has to go back.
    I'm wondering if I should see if they can mark it down more since they don't have another one.
    Do they even give extra mark downs when the items used:confused1:
  11. you should tell them about the damage to the push locks. they may give you an additional discount.
  12. Wow, I'm so sorry! You should definitely call back and complain. And if you decide to keep it make them give you the discount off of this purchase, not one in the future! Can you even buy anything on eLuxury for $25?
  13. NO, the only thing $25 dollars will pay for from eluxury is shipping:cursing: I know they can do better than that. I'm going to call back:yes:
  14. That is nothing!! They should definitely give you more off. I can't believe that is all they were willing to offer. That's ridiculous.. definitely call back and complain some more, and talk to a manager if possible.
  15. Having ordered frequently from ELux I've never had any problems. That sholdn't have happened to you. How frustrating. And to have someone's credit card in the wallet they shipped you? Just plain strange!

    If it were me, though, I wouldn't lose faith in ELux. As a rule, they provide excellent service. Good luck!