Used Miroir Speedy on Let-Trade

  1. There is a used miroir speedy on Let-Trade that really took my fancy. Funny, but I'd not much liked it before but it kind of grew on me. The price seems somewhat reasonable for a now-unavailable product.

    BUT: In the pictures (the pictures are from the Let-Trade website) there are noticable stretch marks in the material. The enlarged pictures on the site show it much better (pic 17&18 and pic 15&16 on let-trade's website).



    I think I remember someone else also posting of a simillar thing happening to her bag.

    So what do you think? Buy or not buy? Buy something else?
  2. Hmm...I guess if someone really wanted it, they could go ahead and get it. It's not an old bag that's been around for a while, so I think it has some time to get broken into.

    I still pass, but only because I'm not in favor of miroir. :smile:
  3. My jaws dropped when I saw the price for a 2nd hand... Are you kidding me?

    Well, I don't know... I am a miroir fan, but I'm not sure if I'd get it.
  4. If you love it get it, its really pretty :smile: And I dont think that tiny scratch will be noticeable unless pointed out because the rest of the bag is so shiny lol
  5. I have 2 speedy miroir and I use them very often they don't look like that
  6. I,ve heard so much bad stuff on here about the miroir that I would pass
  7. they are crazy with that price.
  8. I know I have read and heard that elsewhere. I heard they stopped production due to problems? So maybe that it why they are less limited? I get that people love them. I guess they will just have to keep loving them with their flaws . . . I love my CB even tho the paint is wearing off over time with use . . . but it would be hard for me to justify paying a big mark-up over retail for any of them . . .