Used MC Eye Need you $1000 good deal?

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  1. This is the bag I have won from auction, is it a good deal? The seller only has the dustbag and in her description there are many scratches on multiple places :wondering

  2. Once you have cleaned the bag and hardware, it becomes as new!!
    Good deal for a discontinued limited piece!:love:
  3. Thank you xLAUx!! I was reading the post about using toothpaste to clean the hardware, do you have any suggestion how to clean the canvas and leather? Sorry for such a dumb question but is there anyway to "deoxidize" the leather :shame:
  4. Congrats on your new limited piece..It's great deal !!!

    toothpaste seems to work (I used Brasso) for hardware. I don't have any suggestion for canvas oor leather because too afraid to add the damage. I personally will contact the company who clean designer bags/items.

    may be others can help you better.
  5. That's super cute!!!
  6. I usually clean the hardware with a silver polish or something like that (here in the forum tpf'er use "Brasso", isn'it?).. my padlock and metallic handles are brand new when I use it!
    For the leather i haven't tried nothing at all, but girls here loves Apple leather care:yes:
    If you "search" in the forum you find many post about cleaning LV:flowers:
  7. Thank you so much everyone!!! Japan has alot of auctions with great deal if any of you are interested :yahoo:
  8. Did you bought from ebay?:smile:

    edit: sorry, i wrote "bought" instead BUY...what a mistake!!! -.-
  9. I got it from yahoo auction, yahoo is alot more popular than ebay in Japan I think ;)
  10. congrats...that bag is beautiful...
  11. Do you have a link to yahoo japan auctions?

    Good deal and cool bag!!
  12. Yes sure here it is:

    You will be able to find items using English keywords, but if you use Japanese you will find alot more ;)
  13. Cute bag! Congratulations!
  14. :yahoo:Very cute!!! Enjoy it! That's one hot bag!!! I LOVE mine. :love:
  15. It is so lovely!! I wish the previous owner had kept her bag as nice as yours :rolleyes: