Used LV sold by LV?

  1. Maybe I just have way too much time on my hands and think of the most absurd things, but wouldn't it be great if LV sold used bags? Like car companies who buy back used cars, complete a full inspection and fix any niggling problems before selling it as certified pre-owned? Maybe they could limit it to discontinued items or sell them online only as to avoid cutting into boutique sales. LV could become the ultimate MPRS! :nuts:
  2. lol that sounds like a good idea! i think the only "used LV" website is only let-trade... but that would be awesome! it would be like ROSS for LVs!
  3. Nice thought but it's hard to think LV as "Luxury" brand if they have LV second hand store..
  4. true, but it would make it easier for those of us who can't afford a brand new one...
  5. Good point
  6. Yea, I agree. :yes:
  7. I guess it won't go very well with the image..LV will never go on sale but we can buy second hand one. Brand new items sale will drop because their price is high(lucky if not increase). Let alone second hand shop, LV won't have outlet or give us dicount..just the way it is....

    I think it's one of the reason why LV don't authenticate the bags anymore.
  8. ^^^ I totally agree with you, Nita.
    It seems everybody agreed with you :flowers:
    Great thought!!!
  9. YES, it would be awesome.
  10. im sorry, but this has got to be the most outrageous idea i've ever heard! think of the implications of LV selling second-hand bags with the sale and distribution of counterfeits. and it's WAY too tacky and cheap if they did... they might as well have a sale bin.
  11. That would be very cool.
  12. I hate that idea - I think it would detract from the luxury of the brand - the exclusiveness and the whole idea that they don't go on sale. It seems very bargain basement to me. I think if they did that, I probably wouldn't buy them anymore. That would really bother me.

    While I have nothing against buying a gently loved or discontinued piece from Ebay, I sure wouldn't want Louis Vuitton to be in the business of selling used bags.
  13. I agree, it might take away from the specialness of having the bag!
  14. The closest thing I can think of is my friend who used to work at the Horton Plaza store. She did this once for a really good customer, back in the days of the cherry blossom craze. A customer really wanted the papillon, and her manager remembered another customer who was ready to let hers go. They first contacted the owner of the bag to get her consent, and then they gave her contact info to the customer who ended up buying the bag in a private sale. My friend did an appraisal of the bag's condition, and had the original owner bring it in to mediate the transaction in the store. She said this happened a couple times, I believe....
  15. I was just watching TV5Monde last night on Ch. 555 and they were doing a piece on Bernard Arnault - i.e. the guy that basically made LV, well...LV.

    They were saying that he basically came up with the idea in the early heyday back when he was with Dior (89's-90's) that he could not only sell you a piece of art for between €1000 - €5000....but he convinced the world that a handbag, which is from its designer an 'oeuvre-d'art' (work of art) is well worth €1000-€5000.

    Since then, LV and LVMH has never looked back.

    Which then goes back to the 2nd hand handbag reselling topic. LV, in M. Arnault's eyes, is art but it is a renewable art seeking to evolve with the coming year/season, despite keeping to a tradition. He basically convinced the whole world that their 'artwork' is great now, but you'll need the 'newest, freshest' art the next season. That's why he's worth €14,2 billion today.

    I don't think LV would ever do the 'used' thing - it's below them. Even moreso, I don't quite think being Carol's or Donna's (forgot the other one's name) latest MPRS addition is on the top of their list. That's just tacky! :lol:

    Cute thought though! ;) Maybe a group that everyone can respect that deals with cheaper, but qualitatively near-perfect 2nd hand luxury items is the key query / request here.

    Having the latter would be cool - maybe like an eLuxury of the 2nd hand, but obviously in near or great condition :smiley: