Used like new or used in very good condition

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  1. I'm planning on a purchase but the difference is $1000 between like new condition and very good condition. I am torn as to which is better. I plan on using my WOC every week so I don't know if I want it a little used or almost new? Any opinions?
  2. i only buy pre-loved. if the price difference was closer than 1K i'd say go 'like new,' but with that price difference i'd opt for 'very good.' my own experience has been that the more "used" an item is the more i actually use it. i have even gone down to 'good' and 'acceptable' and the items look great, still. if it's from yoogis or fashionphile then you're safe either way.. i know they both rank items like this... their 'like new' is almost brand new and their 'very goods' tend to be excellent.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking but needed an expert opinion
    Thank you
  4. Definitely very good. People can try and convince me all they want to, but a little wear is not worth $1,000. Go with the cheaper one definitely
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  5. I would go with the very good condition opposed to the like new condition. At least it's a little broken in and you save nearly a $1000
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  6. My vote is for "Like New". Why? Because you want to get as close as possible to brand new for the price of a pre-loved bag. I'm a Fashionphile fanatic and anything that's listed as "excellent" condition is usually in almost brand new condition. Yoogie's has slightly lower standards so I would go with Fashionphile for pre-loved Chanel.
  7. Here's another one for "Like New". Usually, "very good" is just not up to my standards. I don't want any spots, stains, chips, etc. etc...
    $1K is worth it to me to get, what is basically IMHO, a new handbag. Chanel is worth it. HTH. :flowers:
  8. If the bag you're deciding on is a WOC, and the price difference is about $1000, then I'd go with "very good". Since the original price for a WOC is $2100 (if it's standard lambskin/caviar), $1000 is a huge difference. If it were a jumbo or reissue, I'd be more inclined to go with a "like new" bag for $1000 more. For me, it would all depend on the original price of the bag.
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  9. I prefer to buy pre loved and I'm really picky but I've found that very good is often like new but with an almost invisible scuff or some other inconsequential "flaw". For $1000 I would absolutely get the very good.
  10. I've purchased preloved bags in the past but to me, it's best to buy it "like new" condition since u will have more usage for the $$. Also, It really depends on the original price of the bag and how much discount u get at the end. Make sure you are ok with all the flaws being describe so u r not disappointed when you get it..
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  11. Depending on where you buy the bag I prefer Like new because in places like Fashionphile very good differs quite a bit and looks like it has already been used opposed to like new looks straight out of store.
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    If the price difference is $1000 then the question I'd like to ask is the difference between like new and retail?

    From what I saw, big consignment sites like FP or Yoogis could be charging you over brand new or close to brand new prices for like new hot items

    If one is willing to spend nearly full retail price, I'd say get a brand new instead
  13. I spent quite a lot of time hunting for a preloved woc and the like new ones were close in price to a new one, the very good ones had visible I brought mine brand new. if you can find a very good one for $1000 less that looks GREAT then go for it! But if it has visible damage, its not worth it to me.
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    Do you have links to the bags? It's hard to say without seeing the bags in question. Opinions on what's in "like new" and what's "very good" condition can vary greatly. Is this on Yoogi's? Sometimes I find their "gently used" bags, pretty used.
    Also, are the WOCs the same style? Same leather type? There's a big difference in retail (and also resale) price on let's say the Sevruga style and the classic quilted, or Boy stye. Is it vintage or from recent years? Whether the bag is lambskin or caviar can also make a huge difference (caviar tend to be more expensive resale wise).