Used handbags...

  1. When it comes to previously enjoyed handbags I cannot buy one. I would much rather do without and save for a new one. It is a whole energy thing for me. If the previous owner had bad energy I for some reason think the bag could have it. Do not know where I get this is just me. I have friends that buy used clothes and jewellery and have no problem. One friend borrowed a wedding dress from an unhappily married woman and my friend was divorced less than a year after the wedding. I told her not to wear the gown unless it was from someone you know and love. I met the lady who owned the gown and she miserably and crusty and was not getting along with her husband they were on the verge of breaking up. When it comes to books I can buy used but, anything worn or carried freaks me out. Do not get me wrong I think a tonne of previously own stuff looks gorgeous, it is just an energy thing. Anyone else out there feel the same way?

  2. Not for the same reason. Somehow buying a used bag is like buying used clothing or underwear: too personal. You never know what someone has carried in their bags, what's been on it, what its been set into, etc.

    I feel the same way about used cars. I haven't bought a used car since 1980 and the only reason I bought it was that it was an MG Midget...vaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrroooooooommm!! Loved that car!:supacool:
  3. Same here.
  4. Very good is so carry things that are important to you and you do not know where that purse has been.
  5. Yes, I agree with all the above! PLUS, I'm anal about my stuff! Although, I did buy a previously owned chocolate Spy from a lovely forum gal, she only used it once or twice and when I received it, it was in perfecto condition!...this was VERY rare for me.
  6. I would much prefer buying used items than new anyday....and have never even given a second thought to who wore or used the item before me!!! Usually I am so...excited about my bargain, that I think I infuse it with my own "energy"!!!! All but 2 of my bags have been bought second-hand...and although DH offers to buy me the ones directly from the store....I would rather buy it used and save the $$$$ for things that I cannot find second-hand. I have always shopped consignment...and have found that if you are willing to can find anything at the second-hand store. Sometimes you don't even have to wait that long!!! each his own...and maybe I have just been lucky with good finds...but my consignment shops are the first places that I recommend for anyone who admires my wardrobe!!!
  7. I don't like to buy used bags and if I can avoid it I don't do it. I had to buy my cornflower first on eby because the colour was out in every store here but it was brand new so I didn't have a problem with it. But other than that I avoid it like the plague. I'm so anal about my things that I want them to be perfect and new. I rather pay full price but than I know that I'm the first owner. But everyone is different.
  8. i've purchased gently used bags and books before and have no problem with it. however, i refuse to buy used shoes & clothing. I don't kno why, but just knowing that someone else was wearing it and could've been sweating/dirty/etc. freaks me out.
  9. There is an exception. I buy bags from Ebay (sometimes used) that are discontinued and are no longer available. It's the only way to obtain certain bags, like my own little time machine. Other than that I buy the bags that are readily available at the stores.
  10. Same, I will only buy a used bag if the color is discontinued and I'm obsessed with it. Otherwise, it's always new.
  11. Absolutely no problems with buying used bags if they are in good condition. Not like I have a choice :biggrin:
  12. I'll buy gently used if it's truly in good shape. I'd rather save a little money.
  13. It's important to remember, too, that some used bags have actually never been carried (just stored up as treasures in the original owner's closet).
  14. I wouldn't buy used clothes... or shoes :yucky:... never ever. But I don't have a problem w/ pre-owned handbags - as long as they aren't too used :yes:
  15. Agreed. I wouldn't want to have a bag that was carried every day for a looong period to every occasion... But if it was rarely or not at all used and I can save some $$$ - here I am!