Used Fendi

  1. Does anyone know of a reputable place to get a used Fendi Spy Bag? I adore this bag and I wouldn't mind a used one. Thanks for any help.
  2. HI Shanni

    I know eBay has its ups and downs but it really is a good place to get genuine ones too. Just make sure you post in the authenticy threads here and that way you will get a real and not a fake. Good luck!
  3. I second S_S. eBay can be a gem for great deals. Just be careful and have the lovley members here authenticate the bag for you. Best of luck
  4. Okay, gals, I've gotten the okay from Vlad, so I'm posting about my website openly:
    Handbags: Deals and Steals

    It basically is my eBay watch list, and I only post authentic handbags on it. I try to list bags that are either super rare (and therefore justify retail/retail+ prices), or well under retail prices.

    There's a Fendi section for Spy, Magic, Ostrik, Vanity, Baguettes, Sellerias and any other lovely authentic Fendi handbag deals and steals that I spot. So far I can only post 5 auctions at a time in a section (I may add more than one section for a designer brand if I deem it necessary), so I post "ending soonest" listings and update daily.

    I recommend that anyone interested in Fendi handbag deals to check it out daily!
  5. Thanks Greendrv!
  6. Excellent Greendrv. I have added it to my favourites as you are the true expert
  7. It has also been added to my favourites as well! Fantastic job done!