Used Fendi Spy in black: how much would u pay for it?

  1. Hello,
    friend of mine is trying to sell her Fendi Spy in black, just wondering how much would you pay for it? it's only 1 yrs. old. thx
  2. Depends on how used it is? Is there any fading/blushing? Is the dustbag included? Authenticity cards and care booklet? Do the compartments open/close properly and securely? How often has she used during the year she's had it? Maybe she can get an idea by looking at some of the bags on eBay.
  3. maybe used 3-4 times a week, with dustcover, carecard, receipt...pretty much everything you'll get in the store.
  4. ^^ Does it show any signs of blushing (this is where the colour on the leather fades slightyly)
  5. personally, no matter how "new" it is, i wouldn't pay over $1000.
  6. I say $1400 or less. Otherwise you can just buy a brand new one from jomashop.
  7. I would not pay over 1200.
  8. I would probably put it in around the $1500 range assuming that all documentation is there, no defects, no fading, scratches, etc... (in new condition) Unfortunately, unless it's one of the earlier spies, they dont' seem to retain their resale value very well.
  9. what do u mean earlier ones? how would i know if it's an earlier spy?? thx...the one i want to purchase is just the plain black one..txh
  10. ^^^ No, I mean like early spies, like the petrol, green, cherry spy and so forth. Later spies are far more common so they typically don't have as much selling power so you're able to get them for less.
  11. I would pay no more than 1k. After using 3-4times a week for a year, there is sure a certain extend of blushing and depending on how well she takes care of it.