Used fendi spy bag....

  1. Does anybody here know where to buy the authentic USED fendi spy bag? bcuz i rly want the spy bag but......i think the new one is too expensive for me..... and that i have to save alot more for one bag! u see i dont have much incoming! still a student! :Pthx..for ur answers! :smile:

    There's NO buying or selling here.
  2. I'm also very interested in buying an used Spy but I haven't seen any good authentic ones yet...
  3. There's absolutely NO selling, trading or buying here!!!
  4. eBay!:idea:
  5. well,im sry but i just want to ask if anybody KNOWS where to buy the used ones,,,that's all
  6. ^actually I edited out the part where you said "if anyone has one to sell e-mail me at XXXXX"
    We do not allow that here.
  7. yup i bad.i just found out later that it has written in sumwhere :sad:
  8. eBay is my suggestion. When you find something you like, post it in Authenticate This and someone will be able to tell you if it's real or not. I would be looking at anything over 1200 dollars.
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