Used Dior gaucho

  1. hello every one!
    I really really want a Gaucho but i cant afford the brand new one. Im really like the double saddle, so how much do you guys think it will cost for the used one? $1200? :shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. I've seen used ones sell anywhere from $400-$1300(rarely this high, though, unless it's black), so I'm pretty sure you can get one for much less than $1200.

    Most blue and denim single saddle Gauchos end below $500 on eBay (used), and red and white ones end for under $700 :biggrin:

  3. thanks so so much MayDay! I LOVE YOU!:p
    Oh! less than $700!?!?!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: so I bet the double will go for around $900?? I can't belive it!!:yahoo: Im so happy..:sweatdrop: I'm looking for the Red or blue one,though. But the thing is I'vent seen a used double gaucho on eBay for quite sometimes. ...:shrugs:
  4. Hi again Ruktam!

    Stormy's red double Gaucho was $900, which is on the higher end of the pricing scale (probably because it was from a reputable seller, and was also authenticated here), but I've seen two other ones (also in red) end for $799 and $575, respectively. So the prices do vary and I'm sure you can get one that is an average between all of these prices (or something around there) :smile:
  5. check ebay, just make sure to read the sellers feedback.
  6. Hi Ruktam!

    As MayDay mentioned in an earlier post, I just bought a used double Gaucho in red for $900.00. It was more than I wanted to spend, but it is in like new condition and I really love it!:heart:

    Good luck with your search. One will definitely turn up!! Please be sure to have these wonderful ladies at the Dior PF authenticate it for you. They went out of their way to authenticate mine and it made me feel much more comfortable purchasing it.:smile:

  7. good luck with searching for your dream red gaucho ruktam ! will keep my eyes open and if i see one anywhere with a good price will let u know! :yes:
  8. Thanks so so much!
  9. Thanks so much every one, i've just called one of the local reseller shop to look out for the used double gaucho in red for me! since i can't find one in ebay(but actually Im gonna buy them next month...though), so exicted!! I can't even sleep when i think of the bag:jammin:
  10. To MayDay and Ebay expert!

    I am very very afride of buying Double Gaucho in Red now..
    first : I've never buy anything in Eaby which I don't have any rating(dose this effect anythings?)
    Secondly : Will I be able to really buy them in a range of 800-1000? and in which color is the highest price and which is the least?

    I will travelling to China for 3weeks(study chinese, though) and will come back and buy them in properly late April.

    if you guys don't mine please provide me the inforamtion as much as you could and I will be very appreciate.

    thanks so much!!
  11. :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs: anyone??
  12. hi ruktam,

    i'm not may, but here's my take on it

    you're right in not wanting to buy a bag from a seller with low or zero feedback! it's just really tricky, because whilst it may be a genuine seller who's new to ebay and who really does want to sell their gaucho, it may just be that a scammer selling fakes has just started yet another account on ebay. so it's best to go with a seller who has at least a nice handful of feedback. i've had a very stressful and trying time buying my lady dior tote from a seller with just 1/2 feedback and that really taught me a lesson there.

    i'm quite sure you can find a gaucho in the $800 - $1000 region. it's just a matter of how patience really and it does seem like the prices of geniune gauchos are dropping somewhat on ebay. so no worries there. in terms of colour, i'm not so terribly sure, the white seems to be in real demand, but honestly, i'd say go with the colour you're most drawn to and it seems like you're keen on the red. so i say, go for it! i think the red is a fantastic colour. just based on my experience in looking through the ebay auctions, the white and black ones seem to come up the most often, i rarely ever see a green one appear on ebay, but i've not really been looking that hard on ebay, so i might not be that spot on in seeing the trend there. i'm sure may could probably fill you in more about that.

    and may i suggest that if you're willing to spend $800 - $1000, you might want to consider (CHRISTIAN DIOR - 2007 Spring Summer Gaucho Small Tote Bag (Cherry Red) - -)? nat mentioned this wonderful site and may's bought 2 gauchos from them since and it seems like everyone is very pleased with them. the red double gaucho is retailing on diabro at $1104, $104 more than your maximum, but it's brand new and buying from diabro does take away the anxiety of say buying from ebay - seller going missing, getting a fake, etc.

    well good luck in your gaucho search! ;)

  13. Thank you so so much! zerodross! :yahoo: :yahoo: at first I thought that no one will reply me:sweatdrop: , and thanks so much about the tote gaucho but I really like the double saddle one, though, maybe I may like the tote more when the time come.(Im looking at the tote one on rite now!:p )