Used Darwin Roxy or New NVT Roxy?

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  1. I plan to buy a new oak Roxy in NVT leather. However, I found a Darwin oak Roxy today... it looks brand new actually, but it is from a consignment store, so it might be used a few times at least.

    I put it in my basket, went back to have another look at it, and then it said the item was on hold. I wonder if that was because I had it in my basket, or because someone else has put it on hold... anyway, I proceded to checkout/layaway, and got the receipt. So if not anyone else has it on hold, I guess it will be mine...

    Now I'm wondering, did I do the right thing??? Buying a darwin roxy that might have been used a little, or should I have gone for a brand new one in the lighter leather?? (I already have an olive darwin roxy) I must say I prefer buying new bags, unless it's a model that is no longer produced. But also love darwin leather (guess I'm not alone hehe), so thinking it might be better to get a used bag that actually maybe is not/hardly used in darwin than buying the NVT..

    What would you have done?
  2. I would have done exactly as you did Lillemy. Mulberry try to tell us otherwise, but we all know Darwin is better than NVT! I've just had a look at the bag in question and it looks in brilliant condition. What a great price too!
  3. You can't beat Darwin IMO!
  4. yep, thought so too!;) She said it might not even have been used, just handled in the store. It has a couple 'invisible' marks, but if the one I think I can see close to the left pocket is representative, that's nothing.

    Got a confirmation email now:biggrin:
  5. I think you did the right thing! Darwin is such a beautiful leather! Woo Hoo!!!
  6. You know me- I'd have gone for the darwin one too!!!!
  7. You've picked the right one - if she's been lightly used she'll be starting to develop a patina too - I bet she'll be lovely IRL.
  8. I have to go against the grain (ha ha get it?). Its just that darwin is soooo heavy and the roxy is heavy so the combination is shoulder breaking in my opinion. I actually prefer to forego a little patination and go for a little more comfort.
  9. Oh Lillemy, you have definitely done the right thing. Bags are a weird and personal thing and if your heart is drawn to it then you will be happy. There must be something about this one which made your heart sing so you may not feel the same way about others you see. I think I saw the one you have gone for this morning.....what a fab find! Its very lovely and (although it would cost the postage)..if its not right you can return it. A wise and happy choice, hope you love her when she arrives.
  10. I agree re the Darwin too!
  11. You have done the right thing(at least IMO), Lillemy - hope you'll love her!
  12. Sure thing to go with the Darwin! I bet you'll be very happy with it Lillemy!
  13. No contest imo. You've done the right thing. Congratulations!!!
  14. I thought I'd be in the minority here LOL.
  15. I'm not sure either way, I like both! Although I did find my NVT roxy heavy enough, no idea how much heavier darwin is....
    Congrats anyway, hope you love it when it arrives :smile: