Used Celine Boogie handbag question

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am new to this site so I do something wrong...go easy on me :smile:

    I bought a Celine Boogie bag from a consignment store and I now dont know if I liek it (too small for what I wanted to use it for) but I cant return it so I would like some advice on how much money I can askfor it..reasonably.

    It is indeed used and does show normal signs of wear and tear. There are some dirt marks on the outside..maybe 2 or 3. There is a pen mark about half an inch long near the top of teh bag and one the same size inside.

    otherwise the material is all in good condition, no rips, scratches, no tears!

    Thanks so much!
  2. I would suggest you first have it authenitcated in the Authenticate this subforum here. If it's authentic you can try and list on eBay, you cannot advertise here unless you are accepted into the marketplace.
  3. Look on eBay and see what similar bags bags have sold for. It should be close to what you paid for yours.
  4. Good Idea Isabel, I didn't even think of that! I will get some pics up over there. I am pretty sure its authentic but I dont want to ask to much due to its current condition.
  5. Hi there, I did look on eBay but there arent any that are used for me to go off of :sad:
  6. If you are willing to sell to get it off your hands rather than focus on profit, why not sell it for close to what you paid for it? As long as you have the paperwork/receipt and answer any potential buyer's questions as soon as you get them, I don't think it will be a problem re-selling it on eBay. However, like everyone else said, get it authenticated first so that you can be 110% confident that you are giving your customer's the real deal.
    The Celine Boogie is to Celine what the Speedy is to Louis Vuitton: signature classics of the line. I happen to have a Celine Transat Satchel (basically same Boogie shape but with extra pockets) that I love, and I know that there are people out there who want this bag because it is so classic. Good luck, and make sure you keep all that paperwork on the bag with you!
  7. Great advise darlin! I really do lvoe the bag...there is a yellow one out there a lot like the signature Boogie but again with one big pocket on teh front and 2 larger pockets on the side! I saw it on ebay but I was too late and it was auctioned off before I had a chacne to bid high enough :sad:
  8. The boogie bags are Celine's most popular, but they don't seem to get anywhere near retail on beay. Have it authenticated, and then sell..but like others have said, it will probably be close to what you paid for it (assuming you didn't pay too much). Good luck