Used Bubble Quilt bowler from Neiman Marcus

  1. I placed an order online for DK beige bubble quilt bowler from Neiman Marcus Catalog. And I received it today with the price tag detached, and there was a few coins inside the bag, which made me think it's a definitely return from someone else.
    did anyone have the same experience? does Neiman Marcus catalog only send the ones that had been returned to the stores??
    I sent it back for an exchange. Since I know some of you orderd BG bowler from Neiman Marcus, I just wanted to ask you guys about this.

  2. :push: Oh!....
    It's sad to hear... I'm a bit surprise since last time I call NM, the lady said that there're plenty of them in no idea why they shipped the returned one to you.

    I'm expecting mine in 2 days... **fingers crossed**
  3. no, the catalog doesn't "only send returns", they have their own stock. Obviously it sounds like a return, but I don't think it's too common.
  4. That seems really careless that they'd send you a bag without even checking for something like that.
  5. You know...sad as it is to say this does not suprise me. ALthough I haven't ordered a purse through NM catalog or online, I have ordered shoes! And the last two pairs I receved were obvious returns and had been worn!
    So frustrating. All they did was offer my free return shipping.

  6. ugh! i can't believe they would be so careless to do something like that! and you think they would take 2 seconds to check..
  7. Yes. Hopefully my second delivery is BRAND NEW~~~~:hysteric:
  8. I'm not suprised, but sorry it happened to you. I have my own rant about NM, I'll be posting it later :cursing:
  9. It's not only from the catalog - the stores sell used merchandise ALL THE TIME!!!!! :cursing: You really need to be careful with NM!!!
  10. OMG :cursing: even stores sell used items? now I am worried about my second delivery too
  11. Sorry that this happened to you!How unprofessional of them!:tdown:I hope your next purchase is flawless:yes:!
  12. You'd think they would not try to pull a fast one on us when we're buying luxe items- just put them out on the floor at a discount but quit fooling around with the online orders, that's just maddening!
  13. wow crazy!! sorry to hear that!
  14. hearing this makes me sick. i just ordered this same bag last week and my gut instinct was to request a "new" bag and not a return. the phone rep didn't have a clue to what i was talking about and i felt ridiculous so i didn't push it. he said there were a lot in stock so i figured i could just exchange for another one. i was hoping i wouldn't have to do it, but now after hearing your story, who knows:confused1:
  15. eclecticbagz - I also spoke with the rep after i received the bag to make sure that I receive a brand new for the next time, but she didn't seem to understand it either. :hysteric: Returning and getting an exhcnage will take about two weeks, and I am not sure when i will be getting one, so... hopefully you receive a brand new bag for the first time!! ;)