used Bags

  1. Me and a friend went shopping. She saw an awesome skirt for a great price. When talking to someone who works there, we found out it was returned. My friend didn't buy it because she said "I don't want to buy a skirt that wasn't good enough for someone else." I see people on here get a lot of cool purse for low $. For those of you who buy used, do you ever feel like you're buying a bag that wasn't good enough for the original owner?
  2. Absolutely not! I have bags that weren't good enough for me (usually because they did not meet my functional needs) that I give away! I rarely refuse to take money if I am giving them to my friends or family, because I know how good a great purse makes me feel and when I see my sister or friends face light up when I give them a bag that they love, well, that makes all the difference!!

    And the same works for me, too! Just because a bag that I may be either buying or receiving from a friend or family member toots my horn didn't necessarily toot the original owners horn, doesn't bother me in the least bit!
  3. Everyone has different tastes.
    And there will be various reasons to return something - does not fit to their body, have similar thing already, realized the bill that they are getting at the end of month or etc..

    Something that doesn't good enough to someone can be the best for me, so I don't mind if it is in perfect condition at a great price(even better!:smile:).
  4. No, I don't have any problem with buying a used bag. There are lots of reasons why people sell their bags. I don't gauge my self-worth on whether or not someone likes something I do, etc. I love buying Marc Jacobs bags on E-bay that are no longer available in the stores. Limited editions, discontinued items....most are going to be used. If they are in good condition, it's not a problem.
  5. A used bag doesn't mean that the first person thinks that they are "too good" for it. Thats an absolutely ridiculous way of thinking of it. It might just be that they have found something else that suits their needs better or their style has grown and changed. Used bags are alot cheaper than new ones and so many are in amazing condition. If you don't mind that somebody else carried it few times I would say that its worth it to buy used. Especially if its something really rare and hard to find. =)
  6. it doesnt bother me, because everyone is different. just because something didnt work for them doesnt mean it wont for me!
  7. Definitely not. In some situations I even prefer used bags, because then the leather is perfectly broken in for me... :smile:
  8. OK, so it doesnt bother me for that reason, but do you ever worry that it will just get really old really quickly. I am nervous to buy used bags on eBay because a lot of the time they are still a lot of money and you dont even get to start out with the brand new thing and proceed to destroy it yourself!
  9. It depends on the bag, but some bags look better with age as long as they weren't abused. The leather gets softer and slouchier.
  10. I do worry about the condition, not necessarily the age. It is sometimes difficult to really see the condition, even with good photos online. You have to depend on the seller's description and hope they are being accurate.

    I am waiting to receive two e-bay purchases and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are in good shape.
  11. I prefer used bags. That first ding hurts and getting a bag that has depreciated is very nice. I don't mind scuffs and wrinkles but stains and smells, no way!
    Agree, everybody has different tastes. I sell my bags mostly because I run out of room not because I think the bag is now ugly or not functional.
  12. I often return shoes ordered online and they are perfectly fine. The reason is my shoe size, store just simply don't carry size 11 and I have no option of buying shoes in the store 99% of the time.
    As to buying used bag, not a returned one, I probably would not. I am too picky. Although I gave away my purses to my friend who is perfectly happy to wear them.
    For me the returned clothes is less suspicious when for example seeing a clothing item on sale in all sizes availbale (this is usually a good indicator something wrong with the item - does not fit properly, worksmanship, fabric etc).
    It is really interesting to see items in outlet. Now Nordstrom rack has several Marc Jacob bags that sits there for at least couple of months and nobody wants them for more thaqn 50-75% off their original price. The color is so bad yellow with plenty of studs....
  13. i don't mind buying used bags..
  14. No I see it as a benefit for myself :smile:
  15. Sometimes used means the bag didn't work because too big, too small, too heavy, not enough pockets, etc. or sometimes you might need money for a bag you like better at that time. I don't see anything wrong with used.