Used Bag? I bought it New!!

  1. hello. not sure if this is the place for this question and perhaps i misplaced it in another listing but here goes...i bought a brief that i never used and ended up selling it on an auction site. the buyer stated that it is used and wants a refund. although i don't do refunds, i'm gonna give it to her. my question is this, how can i tell if it is used since it looks new to me? the bag was purchased more than 2months ago and the store has a 30 refund policy, what can I do? suggestions?
  2. Are you saying that you think you purchased a used bag from a retail location? It sounds more to me like it's a case of buyers remorse. If you were to go back to the store you bought it from two months after the fact they'll probaby think you have a case of buyers remorse as well if it took you two months to realize the bag was "used." They might think YOU used it, KWIM?
  3. I agree, it sounds like the eBay buyer has changed their mind.

    You won't be able to take this back to a store and say you bought it as new and you think its used - they will just look at you and laugh. They will definately think that you have used it but don't want it anymore so are trying to get your money back.

    If I were you, if you are refunding the eBay buyer - put it back on eBay and say that it has been used once but is in perfect condition.
  4. I don't see why you need to say it's used if it's not! Is the tag still attached? I think your buyer is just suffering from "buyer's remorse"! I wouldn't give a refund, but since you've already offered, I hope you can get your fees back from eBay. Also, maybe you can offer it as a "second chance offer" to the next highest bidder?
  5. If she files a NPB/Mutual withdrawal she can get her fvf back, and if she is a PS she will also get some of her feature fees back, just not her actual listing fee.
  6. thank you for your comments ladies. that's what i thought. i guess i will re-list the item.
  7. I agree that it sounds like your buyer has changed her mind about the bag. Relisting it is your best bet. Good luck!