Used Authentic Chanel

  1. I am looking for more sellers of used chanel bags in excellent conditon, Anybody have any ideas, where I can look?
  2. kareen kooper is a good site to check for Chanel :smile:
  3. Kareen Kooper is a porn star. Is this what you really meant to post????:yucky:
  4. LOL! Karen Kooper, not Kareen!:lol:
  5. I think when it comes to pre-owned bags, there are alot of really reputable sellers. I would do a search for the bag you want and find a seller with a history of getting good feedback on her previous high-end bag sales. Then email back and forth asking questions. I always tell potential sellers of a bag I want that I will be taking it to get authenticated so if they are not 'sure' the bag is authentic then tell me now so I can not waste my time and hers.
  6. also, there's a sticky at the top of this Forum w/ authentic items.
  7. there's NO buying/selling/trading here at all, we will ban for this!
  8. karen kooper a porn star lol :nuts:
  9. Try Michael's Consigment shop in NYC...always a decent Chanel selection...bags, shoes, clothes (suits). I believe their website is You can call them and tell them what you are looking for if you are not near NYC. Good idea to check with them often...Good luck.