Use of G ring on LV Cluny??????????????

  1. Hi ladies!

    I recently won a beautiful blue LV Cluny bag on eBay so I could play twinsies with my girlfriend who got hers as a gift. Now both of us are baffled over the "G" ring and what it's used for. We went to LV at the mall but they basically told us not to bother with it. Perhaps because the Cluny has been discontinued. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone uses it and exactly what you do with it. I was thinking of attaching a cosmetic purse in the same blue but the measurements seem a bit large. Any advice will be much appreciated!!!
  2. Are you talking about the ring on the inside of the bag ?

    You could always purchase a chain (the accordion one) and hook something onto it, like your keys (makes it easier to grab!). It's been a while since I've seen the cluny so I don't remember the size, but have you also looked into the mini pochettes ? An azur one would be really nice to match up with the blue. :yes:
  3. Yes, I am referring to that ring on the inside of the bag at the top. I was told it's referred to as a "G" ring. Is that correct?

    I was thinking about the mini pochette to hold those little items that always fall to the bottom of the bag, Ayla, but was wondering if it would be too big. The ones I've seen on eBay seem to be. Or maybe I'm confusing the mini-pochette with the cosmetics bag. Are they the same size? My bag is a blue Epi by the way. Really appreciate your advice!
  4. I've always called the rings on the inside a "D ring" - like the shape of it, but I'm not sure if that's a universally accepted name for it, ring inside bag does the trick too. :graucho:

    I'm thinking about the mini pochette that has the dimensions of this one -

    I just double checked the dimensions of the clunys listed on eBay and it looks like the mini pochette would be able to fit into it comfortably lengthwise, although maybe a bit of a squeeze if you positioned the other way (widthwise). :yes:

    It's a pretty good idea, I usually do this with my things in my bags just to keep everything from scattering around !