Use my Azur mini every day! pics!!!

  1. I adore the mini pochettes, actually want a mono too:yes:
    Post Closeup glove and mini.jpg Post Glove and mini pochette.jpg
  2. Aww, Louis is so cute!!! :heart:
  3. very pretty.
  4. Cute!
  5. cute!
  6. adorable.
  7. Speaking of the Azur mini!!! I really want one of these to use as a make-up case to throw in my Toledo Epi Speedy... I am basically brand new to LV, so I have dumb questions lol...
    If I were able to find a lightly used Azur mini Pochette, how much do you think I could expect to pay for it??
    Also, is that strap removable?
    I just think the Azur would look so cute with Toledo... plus, I don't want to throw lip gloss into my Speedy just loose.
  8. It is so new, and still a little hard to get, so I would be surprised to find one used....if you do I would say, you're going to end up pretty close to retail.
  9. :smile: I remember when you were thinking about it! So glad you love it! I love mine!
  10. I love it.. looks like a great makeup or going out carry bag. Now I want it :smile: I am so due for some new goodies!
  11. It works well for a make up bag :yes: .

    This pic was to show how much fit in the CB pap....but you can see I used the azur mini for a make up bag.

  12. I've been using it for all these real estate keys... I've got the azure cles inside the mini pochette with my townhouse keys, and new keys I've had made for the renter, and then in my mini pochette, I've got my own house and car keys plus cash, cell phone and cards, grab it out of my big bag and go.. when I leave office or go give exbf $20 so he can eat ... haha... the chain is not removable, but can be used as a wristlet, hooked like a loop instead of a handle... It is SO versatile! You should get one.... azur is beautiful!
  13. Mini Pochette rocks!
  14. :heart: your pics!
    Does Louis oink often? He and the bag are adorable!
  15. He DOES oink, from way down deep in his belly, real low,,, it's SO COOL!!!! (okay, as cool as azur mini)...but, I don't get to take him to work!