Use Mr.Rebates to shop ebay and win the contest

  1. Mr. Rebates opened its virtual doors on February 2nd, 2002 and we are celebrating five years of cash-back savings!
    You can win one of five $1000 cash prizes by simply doing what you do best; Shopping! Every rebate you earn through Mr. Rebates from February 2nd, 2007 through February 28th, 2007 gives you one entry into each $1000 drawing. For example, if a member earns 10 rebates in that timeframe, that earns them 10 entries into each of the five random $1000 drawings. [​IMG] 1% Rebate [​IMG] 7% Rebate [​IMG] 4% Rebate
    Bluefly [​IMG] 6% Rebate
    So if you shop eBay or other stores, don't forget to click Mr.rebate.
  2. Too bad I didn't see this before I placed my bluefly order.:crybaby:
  3. h,,, a part of me wants to see how others do with a new site before I jump in head first :S