Use inclusion speedy as a keychain?

  1. Do you think using the new inclusion speedY keychain as a keychain will rouine it ?
  2. Probably, since it's just acrylic or whatever they use, I'm sure it can get dinged up.
  3. Right I would be careful with it and not bang it around too much. Speaking of which I want a pink inclusion ring SO badly. I keep hunting ebay for them but nowhere to be found :sad:
  4. YES! My mom has the black one and I have the beige one. I use mine as a purse charm and it's stayed really nice. My mom switches off between putting a key on it every so often to putting it on her bags as a purse charm also. I wish they'd make more colors/styles..I love them!
  5. Lol..I meant, YES it'd be ok, not yes, it'd ruin it.
  6. I'd be a tad afraid, which is probably why I haven't invested in one ! :shame:
  7. ^^I'd be afraid too!
  8. How much are they?
  9. This was BEFORE the price hike.

  10. WOW !!! The thin bracelets went up to $270 but the thick ones went up to $335, only $5 more, I wonder if elux has a typo on the thin ones?
  11. That's weird, my fiance got me the PM bracelet last week and it was still $230.
  12. Thanks PurseFanatic!!!! I love the keyholder, but it just wouldn't last as long as the new valet one they came out with. Not that I feel I should really spring for that one either at $270.

    Thanks again!
  13. Oh ok, like I was thinking, elux must have a typo! :smile: