Usd of mini luggage?

  1. Just wondering what the current price is. Thanks!!
  2. $2400
  3. Is the micro still at 2000?
  4. 2200
  5. It's 2900. Mini luggge
  6. Is it the price of tri-color or solid color? Last month, I bought a mini for 2400 and was told that the tri-color was 2950.
  7. solid color mini is definitely US$2,400. don't know about tri-color mini.
  8. I just got a mini and it was $2600 at nm
  9. For a preLoved lipstickred and camel mini, for$2100 cheap or not?
  10. Depends on the condition. If it is new/mint condition it is a good price, less then retail. I think the red is worth it, but camel might be from the earlier season that is less structured and loses it's shape.