USC or UW??

  1. I just got a letter saying that I got accepted into UW Business School! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Now, I am an international student, majoring in accounting, transferring this fall. I got accepted into USC a while back too. (It's been 3 weeks, so the excitement die down already) Think I would go to UW since I am already in Seattle, and I wont lose any credits that way. What do you guys think?

    And. the impt thing! Should I ask my parents for a new bag/wallet? I want a Chanel....... :graucho: lol.
  2. I think you should goto the school that has the better business program. .. I think that's USC.
  3. For B school USC would be the winner. And then ask your parents for a bag but I would do that before you show them the tuition statement.
  4. Congratulations, :flowers: & good luck where ever you end up. :heart:
  5. Congrats on your acceptances
  6. Congratulations!!!! Both are very good schools and you should be proud of your admissions accomplishments!! :biggrin:

    Another thing to consider, in addition to the locations, strength of each overall program and concentrations, etc. is the program's and concentration's reputations in the post-MBA employment market.

    Many companies, especially large Fortune 100 multinationals, limit their MBA on-campus recruitment programs to a select number of universities. Criteria for inclusion vary, but include quality rankings, program/concentration strengths/attributes, and alumni performance in the company. You can research on-campus recruiters through each school's Career Services Center.

    Let us know which school you choose!!!

    Good luck! :flowers:
  7. Congrats Starfused!! I'm a SC alum and my hubby was acct/information systems double major at SC as well so if you have questions PM me!
  8. Thanks ladies. I somewhat knew that USC would be the more popular choice. hehe. but im kinda leaning towards uw as i would be graduating from a community college in seattle and UW and my college have a direct transfer agreement so my credits would all transfer. if i go to usc i might have to take more classes that are not transferable, meaning i would have to study longer!

    on the bags, i was thinking of getting the cambon bifold wallet ive been wanting for soo long. but now i prefer the more classic 'skin'. :lol:
  9. if you live in washington i'd go with UW. it's a GREAT school and instate tuition and direct transfer can't be beat.

    but i'm biased b/c i love the northwest and really have issues with LA even if it is sunnier with better shopping. :smile:
  10. USC is a great school. UW is good too, but the only reason to go there is to conserve money on living expenses by living at home. If you can afford to move to southern CA, you should probably go there...
  11. congrats on ur acceptances as well.
  12. I am a SC gal, so vote goes to USC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. UW has a darn respectable business school. You also have the infusion of expertise from Microsoft and Boeing. The other benefit to Seattle is a lower cost of living. (Of course I'm biased because I got my Doctorate from U.W.)
  14. yeah, but unfortunately i have to pay tuition for international student. which is about $7k/quarter. :shocked:

    dont you guys hate it when you have to make a decision? like... when making decisions on what bag to buy. :biggrin: so fustrating. lol.:huh: