USC kicker Danelo passes away

  1. USC kicker Danelo found dead at bottom of cliff

    REALLY sad news for USC and all of college Football.

    My thoughts and prayers are with him, his family, his team- such an awful loss at such a young age.
  2. Huh? That is strange. I have been to that area, I wonder what happened?
  3. It appears that he just slipped or something...
  4. wooo how horrible. maybe he had a bit to drink or something. how sad
  5. That is so sad to see such talent pass away so quickly, but I am sure he lived a life full of victory with USC. I do hope he just slipped and it wasnt suicide or something else of that nature.
  6. I am a proud USC alum and football fan. This is so tragic. :crybaby: My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, teammates...

  7. I am as well as my husband. Our prayers go out to his family and teammates as well. Fight On!
  8. That's so tragic...My heart goes out to his family. So young and talented. I really hope it wasn't suicide, as that would be even harder on his loved ones. And I can't believe they used that headline, it ticks me off a bit.
  9. Such a tragedy.
  10. =( So sad...
  11. interestingly enough this is the first i'm hearing about this
  12. Has anyone heard more about it?

    Alvie- it hasn't been all over the news that much :shrugs:
  13. That's tragic..I didn't hear much about it on the news..