USA Today article on Christian Louboutin

  1. I came across this article while on holiday and thought I would share since we are all so passionate about CLs. I cut and pasted an excerpt. Enjoy!

    LOS ANGELES — When asked what she wanted for Christmas, High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale didn't hesitate: "Christian Louboutin heels."

    Hollywood's leading ladies can't seem to get enough of the red-soled shoes that are a fixture on red carpets and at fashion photo shoots. And increasingly, Louboutin's designs are popular among everyday women who are willing to spend $500-$1,500 a pair.

    Unlike designers who send stars courtesy pieces to wear, Louboutin makes everyone pay.

    "If things are given for free to you, it has no value in it, and you don't really worship it."

    So when you see red soles on Nicole Kidman, Catherine Deneuve, Cameron Diaz, Ashley Olsen, Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie, you know they're not freebies.


  2. Interesting.....hmm, I've actually heard the contrary (from two reliable sources) with regard to CL's gifting for celebs part. Manolo Blahnik apparently does not give out freebies but certain celebs do get a % discount at their boutique.
  3. I was surprised to hear that celebrities are paying for CLs as well. I mean, isn't that the best marketing tool -- getting a celeb to wear the red soles on the red carpet?
  4. obviously Mr. Louboutin does need further advertisement..just seeing that red sole for me is like an orgasm :yahoo:

    Oh gosh I want to marry him!!!
  5. ^ lol
  6. I find it hard to believe that the celebs do have to pay for their Louboutins. I would think they are hooked up in one way or another. However, when I was at Barneys last month a SA was telling me Anne Hathaway was there the day before I was and she bought the Rolandos. I thought she must be just saying this to sell me the shoe.
  7. Thanks for the article. So interesting! I would have completely assumed that celebrities get these shoes for free or at least there is a VIP list at the boutiques that gives certain people a discount.
  8. I was out of town when this article came out and I came home from Vegas the other day and my sister was telling me how she was reading the article to my 4 and 6 year old nieces and the 6 yr old kept on saying "Ashie (nickname) wears those shoes...she has lots of them"! LOL Sadly she can even pronounce Louboutin correctly-much better than many women who buy them and she is 6! My sister and brother-in-law are both hoping they don't become shoe obsessed until 30 or something, especially with the price range that Louboutins are in. haha
  9. I am sure some celebrities were getting a few gifts from CL during his early days. It only makes sense in a society where celebs wear it and others want it. Perhaps a few still do today. If not, I hope celebrities have an easier chance at finding some of these sought after styles than the rest of us. Can you imagine them on tPF lurking in order to track down a pair of yoyos? :lol: Thank goodness for assistants and perks.
  10. I really liked the fact that celebrities have to pay too (though i'm sure that there might be some fiction to this) cause I do believe that it makes the shoes more exclusive or even more coveted.

    I mean personally, I dislike when everyone around me has the same exact thing, thats one of the reasons why I buy louboutin, because not everyone can. (it also doesn't hurt that I just love his designs too!)
  11. LOL...shoe orgasm! :biggrin:

    I like Mr. Louboutin. He makes sexy shoes and he doesn't give them to celebrities for free. I mean, if they have enough money why do they need free shoes?
  12. I love this philosophy... I know I cheirsh things more when I have to pay for them!
  13. ^ :yes:
  14. ita! not like jchoo where shoes are given for free!
  15. haha IMO, i think they do pay for them, but probably at half price or something? jeez, that man doesn't need any marketing now! he has US! :graucho: