1. Hey ladies,

    My LV SA called and said that if I need anything between now and Wed, Jan 23rd, I should let her know because a price increase will occur that day. She left a message and I haven't been able to catch her to get the full details.

    Has anyone else heard about a price increase???
  2. Yep :sad: It's happening.
  3. Is it just for the US or Canada also? Anyone know?
  4. europe too, the prices have already gone up on, france. didn't we just have a price increase before xmas??? this is getting ridiculous. the bh and bv went up 30 euros...grrrrr...
  5. they have also gone up on the UK LV website also by 5,10 and 15 pounds varying on the item. Im so upset as im starting soon to expand on my LV collection and the feeling of having to pay an extra 10 to 15 pounds is not really pleasing.
  6. Does anyone know if this is going to be the last increase for now or is there more to come?
  7. LV never stop increase in price, usually Nov/Feb is their increase period, right before the holidays:cursing: I'm just grateful the increase is 5%, unlike Chanel had their 22%:cursing::cursing::crybaby:
  8. ^^ Me too. Also.. I'm a LV newbie, was wondering if the price increase affects ALL their items? I know with Chanel, certain items are affected & some aren't. How does LV go about with their price increases? TIA. :heart:
  9. ok, i take it back about the 5%. some one said their SA confirm the increase between 4 to TEN% :wtf: what's going on w/all these increase!?
  10. Increase is effective on Wed, at first they thought the recently releases would not be effected, but alas even Tivoli, trevi, etc are getting hit with the increase
  11. The mens monte carlo shoes went up $10... not a lot but it went up
  12. I just came back from the LV Boutique in Palo Alto, CA and they were changing all the prices!!!!!

    So the Hampstead MM, I bought for $1140, and the tag already said $1200!

    My SA said that all the bags were going up ~ $100.
  13. :tdown:
  14. What happened to the 23rd. ? I was on elux today and the cabby is the same price...I'm struggling with whether or not to order it...ugh
  15. has not changed their prices