USA LVers....Has the sagging US economy also drained your love for LV ?

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  1. I am only getting something from Paris when my SIL goes....after that, I'm DONE for the year !!!!!

    My tax rebate has been recycled to pay income taxes.....:crybaby:
  2. No it hasnt... but I did make a huge $7k LV purchase just I won't be buying anything else until Fall/Winter comes out.
  3. Yep. I can't believe it gas to fill up was $70! Eating out food, grocery store food everything going up, with no end in sight, things are costing more, and the handbags are costing more, less (handbags) is more.
  4. Nope!
  5. Yeah, to fill up the gas for my car is $86 bucks!!!! Everything , especially food, is really expensive. On top of the falling economy, I am going back to school....So we only one income. I am also trying to start a family so I dont have much room to breath. I reduced my spending by 40% and stopped most of my expensive spending habits, especially LV.
  6. I feel guilt more than anything.... {{{ sigh }}}
  7. Not really; I save a set amount each week for my "luxury" purchases so it takes me a while to get enough for a purchase. I probably won't be purchasing another LV until December, so I'm on schedule. :smile:
  8. Yes, besides that, the price increases are crazy, I can't get nearly the amount of stuff I was before. Gas, groceries, shipping prices etc. are all SO much higher right now. And people aren't buying things up on ebay anymore like they were so there go my profits, since I'm just trying to get finished up with school.
    I mean I still love LV but it's definitely not on my list of high priorities at the moment. I just would like to see prices go DOWN once the economy picks back up again.
  9. Yep! I've got one more bag I'm after, then I'm done with LV for a long, long time. I just can't handle the ridiculous, asinine price increases, nor do I think I should be spending money like that in this economy. I should be socking money back into savings, which is what I'm going to be doing.
  10. yes it sucks! no ones buying anything, and these prices are not going down anyyytimeee sooon!
  11. It hasn't drained my love for LV, but it certainly has made me think twice about certain bags that would have been nice to get, but will not be getting. Paying major income taxes this year and not qualifying for the rebate has put a damper on my bag plans.
  12. No...just cutting back on everything else, lol.
  13. I still feel the LVOE for LV, but I just don't have the money. I've been saving religiously for the Mahina XL and when I get the rest from my leftover finanical aid, I'm buying it, but after that nothing for a year. It's just too expensive and with the economy, my money has to go to other uses.
  14. I still love LV, but I am having to cut WAYYYY back. Taxes were bad this year, and I have already purchased the majority of my LV for the year. I would love a pochette cosmetique before the price increase, but I just don't know if it's a good idea. Wish they had it in azur! I need an azur piece to complete my collection.
  15. It has me thinking hard about buying things for sure. I think no matter where you are the economy is an issue unless you have LOADS of money. I feel so guilty now buying something and knowing that someone has just lost their job or can't feed their family because of the way things are going. I still love my LV but really saving has to be a priority and maybe helping out someone in need before more bags.