USA address ,pack and ship

  1. Hi ebayers!!!

    I paid 4 days ago to a seller on eBay to have an address in Usa so i can buy items and purses that sellers don´t ship internationally.
    There is no reply telling me his address as promised after near a week that auction ended.

    I know he still "alive" because i contacted him before purchasing his auction....:confused1:

    Before purchasing his "buy it now" ,he answered after my 4 emails (bad sign) that he used usps and fedex so i missed a handbag that i loved that seller didn´t send overseas because he didn´t answered my emails on time.
    It is not much money but i get nervous with such people...and i could like to give him a negative but i really need an address in Usa and don´t like to have a negative in my feedback...
    What do you think?
    Thank you all!
  2. So what happens? You regularly pay this guy to buy items for you, then he ships it to you? Whats his fee?

    Im not too sure about this situation though, it sounds too risky to me
  3. Sorry for my english
  4. wow, interesting concept but is it allowed by ebay?? his previous customers seem to be pleased with the service, maybe i'll start up a uk address one !
  5. presumably you have to pay 2 lots of shipping charges , and what happens if he gets customs charges and then you get charges when he forwards it on to you, surely it could end up costing a whole lot more than needs be?
  6. this thing screams scam to me. Why on earth would this guy go through all the trouble of being a middleman for all of these people for a one time fee of less than five bucks?

    also, I am an ebay seller, and I will only ship to the US. I have my reasons for this, and it really annoys me that people are doing all sorts of crazy things to get around this.
  7. Guys, I would use

    This company: 'Access USA' was recommended to me by Eluxury. you pay a one off charge $35.00 and a monthly subscription of $15. you get a genuine USA address and you add this address as a second address with your credit card and with paypal. Your parcel gets sent to your USA address. Someone picks up your parcel and re-packs and marks the package as wholesale and 60% off the price you pay (so you pay small customs fees). I am going to join. I have researched this company and looks really good.

    Better than trusting anyone on Ebay. (Unless someone on the purse forum decides to do this LOL)
  8. yoguina100- i would claim my money back. This seller does not look genuine at all.
  9. screams scam hun ! and what warranty do you have that after buying an expensive bag that will be shipped to him he will actually send it over to you ? claim your money back!
  10. I have shipped very expensive items to Access USA for a customer overseas. The Access USA address is confirmed so I'm covered by PayPal. So far, no problems.
  11. Smoothoprter have you had any custom charges with :smile:
  12. I have been the seller and shipper to the Access USA address. I have not heard from the buyer/receiver if they had to pay customs charges.:shrugs:
  13. That's seems like a Scam.
  14. Ahh okay, thanks :smile: